Alleged human trafficking ring uncovered in Hamilton, Ont. -

Alleged human trafficking ring uncovered in Hamilton, Ont.

Hungarians were locked in basements while traffickers collected welfare cheques


Mounties in Hamilton, Ontario say 16 Hungarians were recruited from their homeland by fraudsters, asked to fill out bogus refugee claims, and then kept in basements while their captors collected their social assistance. An RCMP press release states that the victims were “fed scraps and leftovers, often only once a day,” and that they were forced to work long days on construction sites without any pay. A victim is believed to have contacted Citizenship and Immigration Canada for help. The discovery was the result of a 10-month long RCMP investigation.

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Alleged human trafficking ring uncovered in Hamilton, Ont.

  1. this is the first "Need to Know" headline I've ever seen that actually qualifies as "Need to Know".

  2. also – way to go RCMP.

  3. Weak.

  4. What I don't understand is, since Hungary is a member of the EU, how could anyone from there claim refugee status?

  5. I am ashamed to be a Hungarian. To think that this great and wonderful country extended their hands and welcomed us in 1956, and now we behave like thugs…shame on all Hungarians. To the decent, hard working and law abiding Hungarians, I say…SPEAK UP…AND TELL THE WORLD that we will not tolerate such disgusting criminal behaviour. If any one of us is aware of such a plot, REPORT IT TO THE AUTHORITIES !!! Please… Save our good name.

  6. Wow do u even know what you are talking about? These people are not Hungarians. They are Gypsies from Hungary! Not the same thing! They would never do this to their own people think about it! They are taking advantage of Hungarian people. Get your facts straight.

    • What nonsense! Hungary is a mosaic of many ethnic groups. Gypsies are but one of them. Yes they are nomadic in nature, but they entered Canada under the Hungarian banner. They speak the language, and they behaved like animals. We should get rid of them ! Thank you for pointing out their "ethnic origin". And that is a fact.

    • i think the real hungaryans are gone cause in the second world war they mixed up with the germany soilders so real hungaryans worst than gypsies

  7. I can't believe that this whole family is involved int this, they live in my building and i would have never thought they would be doing something as horrible a this. I always wondered why they always had so much money and had such nice things, and they didn't work.
    Now i all makes sense….. I was wondering why I haven't been seeing them around the building anymore and why the police are always here, now i know why…………

  8. I am surprised at the tolerance and flexibility of Canadian authorities.
    Wife is already out and utilising all the incentives of being Canadian citizen and others will be out in no time again roaming free in Canadian society. Shouldnt they be deported?????