Alleged Rob Ford drug video 'gone,' source tells Gawker -

Alleged Rob Ford drug video ‘gone,’ source tells Gawker


TORONTO – The U.S. website that raised $200,000 in a bid to buy an alleged video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appearing to smoke crack cocaine now says its source has been told the video is “gone.”

In a post on the Gawker website Tuesday, editor John Cook said he doesn’t really know what that message from the unidentified source means, but he speculated on various scenarios for the alleged footage.

“It might mean that the video has been destroyed. It might mean that it has been handed over to Ford or his allies. It might mean that he intends to sell or give it to a Canadian media outlet. It might mean that the Toronto police department has seized it and plans to use it as evidence in a criminal investigation,” he wrote.

Ford has said the alleged video does not exist and that he does not use crack cocaine, but the scandal nevertheless has plunged city hall into chaos.

“I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine,” the mayor said in a news conference a week after the allegations emerged — the only time he has publicly discussed the drug-use accusations.

“I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist.”

Several of Ford’s staffers — including his chief of staff — have parted company with the mayor since the scandal erupted.

And some council members have criticized the mayor for refusing to address the allegations in a substantive fashion, while Premier Kathleen Wynne has expressed concern that Toronto residents are losing confidence in their municipal leaders.

Cook and two Toronto Star reporters have said they viewed the alleged video, which they said was being shopped around by drug dealers with the help of an unidentified intermediary. The Star has said it can’t vouch for its authenticity.

Both outlets went public with the allegations last month, but no video has surfaced.

Gawker said it has heard from the intermediary in the matter, who delivered a terse message Friday from the owner of the alleged video: “It’s gone. Leave me alone.”

The gossip website said that according to the intermediary, the media firestorm surrounding the alleged video made its owner “angry” and prompted him to go underground.

“The intermediary has claimed that a copy of the video was made and taken outside Toronto for safekeeping,” though it’s not clear if that’s true, Cook wrote.

“We can still imagine any number of scenarios in which this video comes to light,” he added.

Gawker has pledged that if it cannot purchase the alleged video, it will donate the funds raised to a Canadian charity devoted to substance abuse issues.

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Alleged Rob Ford drug video ‘gone,’ source tells Gawker

  1. End of Chapter 4.

    • Yes, but the next chapter is already being written based on similarly frivolous facts, maybe we come back to the ‘car magnets’ story now or maybe a Ford the gay-basher story is next.

      f the aim of journalism is to entertain then gawker, star,
      macleans, etc all certainly achieved that goal and chapter 5 will be similarly entertaining It was definitely
      entertaining to watch the left salivate over the faint prospect of
      getting rid of Ford.

      However, somehow I think this is not what journalism is meant to be …….however, I am sure many lefties will come
      here and defend the “Fake but Accurate’ story that they’ve built in the
      mind, after all lefties are nothing if not hypocrites.

      • sorry about the formatting in my post above, not sure what happened!

  2. Don’t worry! That’s apparently just the FAKE copy of the fake video that’s gone! Numerous un-named insiders, buttressed by a myriad of anonymous sources, have indistinctly and unreliably let it be known that the REAL copy of the fake video may still be safe!! The ingenious if uncivic-minded creators apparently were perhaps only making use of GAWKER to enable them to successfully punk the TORONTO STAR – they presumably may have felt that once the TORONTO STAR realized that a rapidly-growing competing publication of possibly equivalent credibility and quality as their own was genuinely interested in getting it, sheer anxious jealousy alone might then drive the TORONTO STAR into their punkin’ ambush. The GAWKER has apparently played its minor part – even for $200,000 the punkers apparently don’t want to genuinely have anything to do with THEM! They apparently may have STRONG PRINCIPLES AND ETHICS that they are not willing to sacrifice UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES for petty sensationalism and in THAT perhaps they feel a strong kinship with the TORONTO STAR, which constantly tells us that IT feels that way ,too, apparently regardless of what it may ACTUALLY end up publishing? They thus may apparently feel that the most important thing at this point is maintaining the pristine PURITY of this punk and, unfortunately for GAWKER, that apparently would mean now cutting THEM completely out of the loop! All, I’m sure, will be revealed in due time…in the meantime, the happy punkers apparently may also have a fair amount of college film program non-punkin’ course homework to catch up on :)!

    • Look no further than Sarah Thompson and her facebook friend Robyn Doolittle.

  3. That’s a shame.

  4. Wow, what a surprise. How unpredictable! There is no proof that it exists and somehow it has disappeared. Who knew this would happen? Another grand day in the world of “crack” journalism. Way to go Maclean’s!

  5. Hmmm…Ford suddenly turns the tables and demands apologies…and…the video which was being reserved for the highest bidder is now “gone”. Kinda wonder if Ford has a new video in his collection of misdeeds…

    • Hmmm….why are the TORONTO STAR’s “crack reporters” apparently suddenly silent on this apparently TORONTO STAR self-manufactured “SHOCK, HORROR!!!!” ‘crisis’? Why are the TORONTO STAR’s columnists not all apparently concertedly attacking Ford anymore? Why is the TORONTO STAR no longer running thundering editorials call for Ford to be dismissed and banished to the political wilderness because of the TORONTO STAR’s apparently laughable “investigative” reports? LOT’S of “I wonders?” here! Occam’s razor might, on the one hand, strongly suggest that the TORONTO STAR is realizing that it it is apparently guilty of launching a pig of a story and that this pig simply can’t fly. But Joseph, writing on behalf of all true leftists and bottle-fed members of STAR NATION, sees in all of this the possible ‘evidence’ of yet ANOTHER conspiracy by FORD – and this time without even the courtesy of a fake video to back up the ludicrous “kinda wonder” delusions :)! Hmmm, indeed.

  6. Looking forward to that day when the potential headline, instead of perhaps currently reading “TORONTO STAR May Be Gone” may then actually read “TORONTO STAR IS GONE!”