Alleged suicide bomber led insular life -

Alleged suicide bomber led insular life

Profile emerges of Iraqi-born Swede behind twin blasts in Stockholm


Taimour Abdulwahab al Abdaly, the Iraqi-born Swede who allegedly set off a car bomb, killing himself in the act, in Stockholm on Saturday, had a profile on Muslim dating website Muslima. “I want to get married again, and would like to have a big family. My wife agreed to this,” wrote 29-year-old al Abdaly, who listed that he was married in 2004 and had two young girls. He appeared to be looking for a practicing Sunni Muslim to become his second wife. His profile stated that he was financially “OK” and gave extra money to the needy. It is believed that al Abdaly lived in in Luton, which has a large Muslim community, for eight years, but generally kept to himself. Other reports state that he lived in a three-bedroom property with his wife, their two daughters, and a baby son.

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Alleged suicide bomber led insular life

  1. Merry Christmas from Mohammed shoppers! While Canada has big gunfights in Vancouver, Sweden is providing an example of what we can look forward to when a group of losers like the 'Toronto 18' achieve their aims.

    Multiculturalism at its finest. We should stop immigration, we don't need these people.

    • I don't think we should stop immigration, but rather only allow select groups to come here.

  2. I wonder what our Canadian government is doing in prohibiting radicalization recruitment of students in our universities' muslim student associations, as this has been happening in Canada too – even passingly mentioned by one former radicalized graduate of one of Ontario's universities. I don"t think that's the only university where active brainwashing is happening. I wonder whether the government and CSIS has been on top of this? Imagine what the parents will feel having escaped from the hell hole only to find one's children working in going back to that hell hole or pushing one's adopted country to adopt the hell hole policies and abhorent laws of the country they escaped from? Although UK should have done more to prevent recruitment in their universities and mosques, I really see no reason for the family to blame UK slone. They should have talked to their children why they left their countries of origin. It seems like there are people/governments in the Muslim world that habitually blame everthing on someone elses other than themselves, it's getting so predictable and ludicrous. Can't they for once take responsibility, freedom comes with responsibilities. Muslims should realize that other races even european have problems integrating and assimilating when they came to Canada, but no other races ever strapped bombs in the name of their religion nor pushed their religious laws to be applied and adopted in their adopted country. We all have to learn how to grow up and adopt.

    • Nothing is going to be done. Why? Political Correctism (if that is a word at all)! Here no one wants responsibilities, just freedom…to say, to do, to abuse, to insult, to question, to act, to criticize, to judge… The fact that all these PRIVILEGES come with responsibilities and consequences is not considered. Parents also have virtually no right to discipline their children over here. Without proper discipline and education at home and in school, children can easily be misguided into the wrong thought process because they are ready to face the problems of good and bad yet. They get to learn these concepts from the wrong people. Religion is very good at recruiting fresh minds with spurious reasoning. And Islam, in particular, is always looking for fresh meat for their grinders. The Canadian Constitution and Law work against Canadians in this matter. There has to be some serious change in the legal system to counter these issues. Muslims will never take responsibility for their actions and thoughts because they believe themselves to be superior to everyone else, and therefore, infallible. And according to them,"We all have to learn how to grow up and adapt"…to their way of life or die.

  3. Europe has been losing control of multiculturalism due to their left leaning governments' political correctness. Right now they are way lost not knowing how to address such wild spread of problems that blow up on their faces. The left and Islamo supremacist has been merging and successfully used guilt trips to ensure political correctness. What else can you expect from two groups who specializes on blame games and self righteousness of the hypocrites. Having mentioned that, I may think that Al queda is dangerous to our society but I do believe that Muslim brotherhood, their organizational arms, Saudi Arabia, and the spread of their kind of religion pose way more danger to the world than Al-Queda, Taliban, and others on your face terrorists combined. All evidences have been pointing to Saudi Arabia, the spread of financed saudi mosques, Imams, and some abhorent educational materials all over the world. Makes one wonder what their hidden agenda are – imposing Shariah Law stealthily in all the country they are working on to have supreme religious as well as political dominance and importance?