Allowing assisted suicide too risky, demeans value of life: federal government


VANCOUVER – The federal government says allowing doctor-assisted suicide demeans the value of life and puts vulnerable people at risk in moments of weakness.

Ottawa has filed its arguments in an appeal of a B.C. decision that struck down the prohibition on doctor-assisted suicide, arguing the trial judge was wrong to conclude the law is unconstitutional.

In documents filed with the B.C. Court of Appeal, the government says the law reflects a reasonable belief that allowing assisted suicide would put vulnerable people at risk of being coerced or even forced to end their lives.

The government says the law reflects Parliament’s desire to discourage and prevent suicide in all cases, and it should be up to lawmakers, not the courts, to decide if that needs to change.

Ottawa argues the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1993 decision upholding the law in a case involving Sue Rodriguez was final.

The B.C. case was launched by several plaintiffs, including Gloria Taylor, who won a constitutional exemption from the law but died earlier this month without resorting to assisted suicide.

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Allowing assisted suicide too risky, demeans value of life: federal government

  1. 10,000’s of thousands of children die a preventable death today and the sanctimonious fools amongst us talk about the “value of life.”

    • They only care about children while in the womb. Throw them to the wolves after they’re born, like so much trash.

  2. Amazing how other countries can manage this….but apparently Canadians are too stupid to be allowed to make their own choices.

    • They are allowed to make their own choice but they can never expect someone else to do it. What a persons do themselves is their own busines but never should another be allowed to take another’s life.
      Because they stone an adultress to deathy doen’t mean we should do it too. What I’m a saying is we should reach for a higher level of civilization not emulate the lower standards of other countries.

      • Suicide is illegal in Canada.

      • If you don’t own your own body, you own nothing.

        If you are not free to do what you want with your own body, you have no freedom.

        Switzerland doesn’t have ‘lower’ standards than us….yet they have death with dignity.

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