Ambassador Doer -

Ambassador Doer

Manitoba’s ex-premier is going to Washington


Gary Doer will be Canada’s next ambassador to the United States. The 61-year-old, who stepped down as Manitoba’s Premier yesterday, will replace Michael Wilson, who has been in the post since 2006. Despite Doer’s popularity among those on the left—he has been premier since 1999—he is said to have a good relationship with the prime minister.

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Ambassador Doer

  1. Wow – quite move by the PM not only an excellent choice but strategically has all sorts of implications. Way to go Stevie boy!

  2. A cynic might question the timing of such a high-profile, headline-grabbing non-partisan appointment the day after a flurry of partisan appointments to the Senate. That cynic would be right of course. Pretty damn impressive media management if you ask me. :) I'm betting we'll see Doer's big smile in more photos than all nine new Senators put together.

    However, that should not detract from the excellent choice. Doer is not your standard Dipper. The Manitoba NDP shed the worst of their ideological excesses when he became their leader. He's at least as ideologically distant from Jack Layton as he is from Stephen Harper. He is also unfailingly diplomatic, and accuately aware of trade & border issues. In fact, he came out early on in favour of a security perimiter with the US in the months after 9/11.

  3. Good choice indeed. Way to go Prime Minister.

  4. Excellent choice Prime Minister!

  5. The best non-partisan posting since Mulroney appointed Lewis to the UN ambassadorship.

    It is a good decision by the PM.

    • No comparison really. Lewis was an idealist and ideologue, which was why he was sent to the UN., where he could make a lot of noise without doing a lot of damage.

      Doer is inherently practical, pragmatic, and rational, and therefore gets an important post.

      • I can't disagree with you. Obviously an ambassadorship to the US is more important than the UN (more so these days than ever before).

        I was basing my statement largely on what Lewis has done after his appointment, which is very inspirational and impacted the lives of millions of people on the poorest continent on Earth and striving towards gender equality.

        An idealist with an impact…

  6. "Despite his popularity among those on the left"??? You have to be kidding me! Take a stroll over to the oh-so-left-wing site and take a gander at the comments. The amount of bile being directed toward Doer by the "true believers" is unbelievable.

    Some people just can't stand a winner, I guess.

  7. Well player Mr. Harper and best of luck Mr. Doer.

  8. quick…. we need an ambassador to antarctica….none other then ed stelmach!