American-coloured paint job on prime minister's plane doesn't go over well -

American-coloured paint job on prime minister’s plane doesn’t go over well

‘Pimp my Ride with the Prime Minister’s flying Taj Mahal’



American-coloured paint job on prime minister’s plane doesn’t go over well

    • This isn’t about the logo; it’s about the colour scheme for the plane — which you’ll find on a CPC brochure, for example, but on no other RCAF aircraft.

      • The colour scheme matches the logo of the RCAF.

  1. Maybe they could sub let it to the Winnipeg Jets. Oh well, I guess the CPC must have paid for the new party colour redo. Isn’t that what the “PMO slush fund” is for?

  2. That last one is pretty snazzy….psychedelic….it would certainly get Harper noticed at G8 meetings!

    Brit colours are red white and blue as well, and it is now an ‘RCAF’ plane so maybe we can just all pull our forelocks.

  3. Canada’s colours used to be red, white and blue until Pearson gave us the logo flag.

    • “Red and white were approved as Canada’s official colours in the proclamation of her coat of arms in 1921.” This is from the Heritage Canada web site (

      “The new arms of Canada were eventually formally requested by an Order in Council on 30 April 1921, and adopted in November of the same year by proclamation of King George V as the “Arms or Ensigns Armorial of the Dominion of Canada,” on 21 November. The proclamation also established red and white as the national colours of Canada.” This is from Wikipedia (

      At the time, the Prime Minister was Arthur Meighan, a Conservative.

    • and….

  4. It should have been a Bombardier aircraft, full stop. If they are good enough for WestJet they better be damned good enough for Padre Stevo. Ok, what WJ bought doesn’t fly internationally but the Saudis like the new Bombardier C Series (in 2014) and they fly international. For jebus sake Steve, buy/ride/fly f’n Canadian. And there was nothing wrong with the original paint job. If there was going to be any blue, the flat blue on blue (airforce style) would have been a much better, much less partisan choice. But damn it Stewie, then we’d expect you to do better, cuz you said you would.

    • In all fairness, the C Series has not yet been released, and the existing Bombardier jets just do not have the maximum distance you need for travel from, say, Ottawa to Beijing. Maybe once the C Series is released and proves to be viable and efficient at distances you’d have an argument, but for the time being, there’s no existent (let alone viable) made-in-Canada option.

  5. That is the RCAF roundel – the plane is operated and maintained by the RCAF. Makes sense to me.

    • No problem with that. It is the obvious CPC branding of the rest of the paint job that ought to make them blush.

      But then, they have plastered their logo on Government materials (signs; big cheques; etc); tried to officially rebrand the Government of Canada as the Harper Government; etc. So clearly they have no shame. This should surprise no one. Disappoint, maybe…

      • Harp’s way or the highway.

  6. This is the same flabby creep, who, when a college student (?), along with Tom Flanagan, went to a Republican Youth camp down in the US which trained their zealots in campaigning.
    We aint got no Cancuk for a PM – we done got a wanna-be schill for the US. Pretty tought to be more disgusted with this tripe.

  7. Harper is just letting his true colors fly. Although grey would be more in keeping with his character…

  8. What is the hidden cost involved in making this a single use aircraft (Steve’s ride – and CPC billboard) as opposed to an RCAF plane available to the prime minister on request?

  9. The left are a pathetic joke, grasping at straws, anything for an excuse to whine and cry, stomp their feet, set their hair on fire.

    Leftards will be crying in their corn flakes again after the next federal election, Turdeau 2 and Tommie the Commie can fight over the scraps.


    • Man, you Cons are really upset! You aren’t even pretending democracy this time.

    • Turdeau?
      Tommie the Commie?

      Yeah, the lefties are losers, alright.


    • Spasibo/Thank you comrade for your excellent work in continuing to make the right wing look mindless and petty. The use of “Leftards” was a particularly brilliant touch. Your secret mission to further alienate voters from the Conservatives is nearing completion. Transmission out.

  10. I can live with this plane more than the systematic blocking (Toronto Star, G&M, and now MacLeans) of commenters bringing a justly trenchant public discourse to the faces of compromised and mutually apologist ‘journalists’ piling on a mayor without a shred of material evidence. Such would prefer to live in an echo chamber.

    We are forced to resort to popular Chinese, Iranian, etc. workarounds to speak to power: in this case an increasingly Gawkerized parody of investigative journalism.

    • You can include Postmedia’s National Post and their other rags too,

      “Gawkerized parody of investigative journalism” …………tha’t classic

    • Rob Ford could sue the ass off the Star/Globe if he really was innocent. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on and knows it, because he’s a crackhead binge-drinker. Just wait, there’s waaaaaaaaay more to come regarding His Honour…

  11. Irrespective of which party is in power it’s a waste to have the PM’s aircraft specially painted. The understated elegance of of RCAF markings would make me proud to travel abroad on any of their planes.

  12. The RCAF roundel looks great, and is appropriate. The rest of the paint job? Looks like they took a Conservative lawn sign wrapped it around a plane.

  13. MT ‏@stephenlautens unveils Conservative design for @pmHarper’s new jet #cdnpoli #force


  14. “Well, Harpo had Mackay buying used Presidential helicopters and was
    using the parts to repair Canada’s search and rescue helicopters.

    And, Harpo couldn’t wait any longer for the U.S. President to retire Air
    Force One and Air Force Two, which he intended on scooping one of them
    in order support his Henry Kissinger appointed “Global Statesman” status
    — those global statesman have to fly in style!

    But, aside from the Conservative color branding thing, Harpo’s real
    reason for flying around in this costly jet, as opposed to a smaller
    less costly Challenger jet, was that there was a VERY LARGE on board
    “cafeteria” with equally large plates of food: !

    Ok, when the Auditor General gets through with the audits of the Senate
    and Harpo’s PMO, have him do one on the “operations cost” of this
    Conservative Branded jet!”

  15. Looks a lot like Conservative colours to me…..

    • The Canadian flag looks a lot like the Liberal colors. I think you’re reading too much into this.