American free speech laws tested in Supreme Court -

American free speech laws tested in Supreme Court

Case prompted by fundamentalist protesters who picket at military funerals


Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will will decide whether a fundamentalist church had the right to protest a soldier’s funeral with signs about war. The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, led by Rev. Fred Phelps, has gained worldwide attention for its picketing of U.S. military funerals with signs such as “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “You’re Going to Hell.” According to the church, America’s wars abroad are punishment for homosexuality and abortion. The father of a Marine slain in Iraq has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate a $5-million civil verdict against members of the notorious church. The case will test the United States’ strong freedom of speech laws and whether the right of the father, Albert Snyder, to grieve privately for his son, outweighs the protesters’ right to express their views.

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American free speech laws tested in Supreme Court

  1. The combination of the right to free speech and religion in America often seems to go off the rails. Here's a prime example of a group that has an annual bonfire so they can burn copies of the Bible that are not the King James Version:

    • So you shoot people who burn the Canadian flag then?

  2. Those people are vile pieces of BLEEP, who have no shred of honor in them…

    But they have every right to speak such rhetoric…However repulsive it makes these attention whores…

  3. Fundamentalist of all stripes are the bane of civilization. People with imaginary friends that talk to them usually ends badly.
    The total and complete disrespect for the fallen soldier's family and friends is horrible beyond description . But what do book burning , creationist and funeral disrupting preachers use for brains ? Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have said 911 and Hurricane Katrina were punishment from God. These guys are insane and dangerously deluded. When Jerry Falwell passed away it was said he was so full of do do that what was left after the do do could be buried in a match box.

  4. The military could lawfully order protesters to leave on any gov't or pubic land.private facilities can order people to leave.The right to bear arms to salute.