American Millionaire's Club coming to Canada -

American Millionaire’s Club coming to Canada

A group for rich investors will open four chapters here


The problems of the rich: millionaires say it’s difficult to get good financial advice because professional financial planners are often not motivated enough to offer dissenting viewpoints about the investment decisions of very rich clients. So an American group of investors with at least $10-million in the bank have been meeting since 1999 to get around this problem. Now, Tiger 21 is coming to Canada. The group said it plans to open four Canadian clubs (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) and is searching for 56 members willing to pay $30,000 a year in membership fees. In return, members get to attend monthly meetings with portfolio critiques and guest speakers. Membership will be exclusive, as there is a lot of competition in Canada: more than 30,000 Canadians have more than $10-million in assets.

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American Millionaire’s Club coming to Canada

  1. Good, it helps everyone when smart investments are made by people with money, they create economic prosperity and jobs.

    It hurts everyone when dumb investments are made by people who control other people's money – like the government, the Premier of Ontario recently screwed the people again by agreeing to pay ridiculous prices for a niche market in energy as just one example.

    American millionaires are probably also looking for investment opportunities that Obama and his marxist college buddies can't touch, Canada should welcome them with open arms if they want to create jobs here.

  2. Great, that's all we need,more rich a$$holes rubbing elbows!