Americans resist push to eat vegetables -

Americans resist push to eat vegetables

Only 26 per cent eat veggies three or more times per day


The U.S. government and vegetable producers are pushing Americans to eat more veggies, but it isn’t working: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a study finding that only 26 per cent of U.S. adults eat vegetables three or more times a day, the New York Times reports, falling far short of federal health objectives set 10 years ago. Only 23 per cent of meals include a vegetable, it said, and the number of dinners prepared at home that include a salad has fallen to 17 per cent, from 22 per cent in 1994. Meanwhile, sales of convenience vegetables (like pre-packaged broccoli) are growing as the food industry tries to make it easier to eat vegetables. But it seems that people aren’t eating more vegetables as a result; they’re just shifting veggie purchases to more convenient ones. The government recommends 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables for people who eat 2,000 calories per day, equal to nine servings.

New York Times

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Americans resist push to eat vegetables

  1. Because that's way too much vegetation.

    • Dissagree….I don't think 4.5 cups of veggies is unreasonable unless you thrive on junk food…Here is my typical food intake for a day, and I really don't think about what I eat , I eat like I did when I was a goes…Breakfast poached eggs,toast and " hashbrowns" juice, coffee .mid morning…apple,orange ?..Lunch…Bowl of '' vegetable soup, lettuce and tomato '' sandwich on rye..Mid afternoon..Doughnut and cofee….Supper.. Pork chop,''Potatoes,and Brocoli '' and large glass of milk…bedtime snack, couple of cookies.. I bet If I was to measure the veggie's I would be pretty close to the limit….

  2. People just seem to find it impossible to find it impossible to follow any direction that might lead to optimal health. Rather, they eat poorly, exercise little and stress as much as possible about how the world (including their health) is falling down around them. It is a fantastic phenomenon that our citizens have no interest in participating in a responsible manner in tending to their own wellbeing.

    • I don't find it so unreal how people can know what the right thing is to do but find it difficult to stick with in such a busybody society. Despite knowing it, I still find myself swept away into far more tasks than I could possibly do in a day. The crisis of the hour sidelines things like keeping stocked with healthy food or getting enough sleep.

      I believe in the value of meditation as a way of maintaining a clear mind to view how we live. Then I fall in and out of the practice as things get busy, lol! It's a constant vigil. I agree with everything you say Insider, I just wish it was so easy as knowing the right thing and having it all fall into place. It's like conflicting drives on the societal level.

  3. i am finally getting my health back on track thru exercise and a redically new approach to food. my friends are always asking me why i am punishing myself and denying myself the joys of fast foods and stuff like that! they are NOT willing to join me in getting healthier as it spoils their "fun"! but the truth is that they are simply not willing to make the effort to change their ways, is all! even seeing the improvements i have been experiencing is not enough for them to appreciate the benefits!! :-(

  4. Does high fructose corn syrup count as a vegetable?

  5. Isn't it french fries one of the highest selling food in America? I have heard mashed and baked potatoes are daily staples to many. What are they complaining about? Could it be this complainers, planted the wrong kind of vegetables?

    • Sounds as if the Vegetable producers (fresh ) are the ones complaining… people are buying more frozen veggies than fresh, which to me is silly, fresh is best.