America’s spiritual supermarket sparks a backlash

Reverend worships both Christian and Muslim faiths—causes a stir


Friday afternoons find the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, 57, reciting Muslim prayers at the Al-Islam Center in Seattle; on Sundays, three kilometres away, she worships at St. Clement’s of Rome Episcopal Church. “My experience and my call is to continue to follow Jesus,” said Redding, an Episcopal priest for the past 25 years, “even as I practice Islam.” Redding says she is both Christian and Muslim, fully following both faiths, but that’s not something the Episcopal Church believes is possible and the 57-year-old Redding has been told to either to renounce Islam or leave the priesthood. And the Church is none too happy with the so-called “Buddhist bishop,” Kevin Thew Forrester, 51, the newly elected Bishop of Northern Michigan, who has practiced Zen meditation for a decade and received lay ordination from a Buddhist community.

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America’s spiritual supermarket sparks a backlash

  1. The ignorance here is mind-blowing. To say one fully believes two contradictory things is an excercise either in ignorance or stupidity. Maybe both.

    • Yes she is confused, but not completly off base. Jesus (Prophet Isa) is given dude respect in Islam as Isa, ibna Marium- Jesus, Son of Mary.

      However she ultimaley will have to decide if she wants to remain on either one or the other in completeness as being on the fence will only make her more confused.

  2. This is a joke about the Anglican/Episcopalian Church that first circulated in the 1980’s.

    The year is 2010 and two graduates of the very conservative Anglo-Catholic seminary called Nashotah House are standing in the back of the Washington National Cathedral as the church’s latest presiding bishop and her lesbian partner process down the long center aisle, carrying a statue of the Buddha aloft while surrounded by a cloud of incense.

    As they watch this scene unfold, one of the priests leans over and quietly tells the other: “You know, one more thing and I’m out of here.”

    Looks like Episcopalian Church is right on schedule.

  3. To Sam: I guess you are not allowed to have two invisible friends at the same time. One delusion at a time please!!!Cheers

  4. This may be a logical extension of Pascal`s wager. Considering that approximately 10,000 man made religions have existed over time this may be a way of hedging your bets. 2 chances out of 10,000 has a better return than most lotteries, however we still are without any evidence that anyone has ever won .

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