An apple a day? Not in Ontario -

An apple a day? Not in Ontario

Ontario kids’ diets worse than 10 years ago


Compared to 1998, fewer Ontario children are eating the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, according to a report released Wednesday by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. The minimum daily recommendation is five servings of fruits and vegetables. A decade ago, 20 per cent of children met that requirement, but the number has slipped to 13 per cent in 2009. That does not bode well for kids. “We now know that kids who are overweight or obese have higher than normal cholesterol levels for their age,” Dr. Marco Di Buono, Heart and Stroke’s director of research, explained. “Their arteries may be blocked to the same degree as adult males in their 50s, and their blood pressure is also not at a healthy level.”

But the problem won’t be easy to fix. The decline comes in spite of the province’s move to mandate nutrition labeling. It also follows a new, revised edition of Canada’s Food Guide. Moreover, almost 70 per cent of parents surveyed in the study said their kids go without certain kinds of food not because of ignorance about health or unwillingness to eat, but because of cost.


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An apple a day? Not in Ontario

  1. Thank you mom and dad for making me eat my vegetables when I was younger.

    I'm fortunate that the dog didn't like vegetables…

  2. Thank you today's mom and dad for being your children's "friends" instead of their parents, and putting their happiness and refusal to eat something that they don't consider appetizing ahead of their well being and health.
    This attitude that,"well my parents always made me eat things I never wanted to so now when I have kids they can eat whatever they want and be happy" parenting trend is a joke.

  3. When I was young we were working hard on the farm and part time jobs and I was always hungry, so I always ate the healthy things my Mom put on the table, I am 72 and still going strong.

  4. What I don't understand is why parents are not feeding their children more veges and fruits. over 20 years ago we started the Good Food Boxes in Toronto. We did this because there had been so many complaints from doctors that children were lacking the nuturitional value of them. These boxes are presented to the public at cost and you can order the size of box you need. This program spread like wild fire across Canada. All communities anywhere are able to access these food boxes. I sure hope that this message will help solve the problem of children who are undernourished.