An early wake-up call for hockey fans

After months without hockey, Canadians delight in the World Juniors


An early wake-up call for hockey fans

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A group of Canadian teenagers is making hockey fans forget about the NHL—for a few weeks at least. While the NHL lockout persists, the focus has shifted to Ufa, Russia, where Team Canada is taking part in the World Junior Hockey Championship.
World Juniors update: After eight months or so, it was nice to watch a pretty good hockey game.Bruce Arthur
Go Canada! Between the benches at the World Juniors in Ufa, Russia http://pic.twitter.com/jHqADOVNPhil Laplante Jr.
But with the games being played in Russia, the time difference in Canada can be anywhere between -9.5 and -14 hours. For Canadian fans wanting to watch back home, the games are starting in the very early hours of the morning (unless they want to watch the replay later on and risk seeing the final score online).
to stay up late, or to wake up early #WJHCproblems #hockeyisoursZacharius
Waking up at 3:30 this morning is starting to take it’s toll on me #sleepy #WJHCproblemsDrew Friesen
Fell asleep at 2 and didn’t see the game now I feel like a bad Canadian #WJHCproblemsKeaton Cribbey
Keep falling asleep an hour before the wjhc game startsNo Name
Dear Russia, your time zone is very inconvenient for me to watch the Canada vs USA world junior game. #wjhc #4amsundayxox Jashby xox
The World Juniors has some major differences from the NHL—besides the age restrictions. The games are higher scoring, fights are non-existence, and—in Russia at least—there is one other addition for fans.
FOTO: Cheerleaders dançam durante jogo preliminar do Campeonato Mundial Júnior de Hóquei entre Rússia e Eslováquia http://pic.twitter.com/549EmJ6wGazeta Russa
Russians have cheerleaders: What a scene 5 minutes and whistles are not happening!! Russia too good for Slovaks … http://bit.ly/YMmAxsNolan Crouse
I wanna play hockey in Russia.. They have cheerleaders http://pic.twitter.com/ABRYXbdRJake Latham
What do I need to do to be one of those neon cheerleaders at the #WJC ❔❕Ashli Deming
Who dressed the WJC cheerleaders? They look like highlighter pens.Greg Hetson
Great game so far. What’s better you ask? The lime green mini uniforms the Russian cheerleaders are wearing. #WJCAlyonka Larionov
And of course, there’s the hockey. Team Canada beat the Germans in their opening game 9-3…
Canada wins 9-3 over Germany. 14th straight win opening the tournament. #TSN #2013wjc Slovakia up next on Friday http://pic.twitter.com/3ewhTGidTSN
… and despite trailing Slovakia 3-1 after a few major penalties…
#BOOM #canada #slovakia #wjhcjspierzy
… came back to win 6-3.
Team Canada salutes their fans after a 6-3 come-from-behind win over Slovakia #2013wjc http://pic.twitter.com/Txgxh7AJJulie Robenhymer
Dragging my ass at work today but watching Canada beat Slovakia was worth itJake Safarik
Did the @NHL and @NHLPA start negotiating because they realize no one cares while the WJHC is on. #whatlockoutproblemsTommy Kraus
Canada’s next game will be on Sunday against the Americans. Those wanting to see Canada’s first real test may have to set their alarm clocks early.

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An early wake-up call for hockey fans

  1. It makes for a long day waking up @ 3:45 or so am.I am Canadian & I LOVE my Hockey!I can sleep after the WJC is over LMAO! Thank You TSN for covering the tourney,makes it so nice now we do NOT have NHL play.
    All I can say is Lets WIN Canada!;We want GOLD!!!

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