And the torchbearers were . . . -

And the torchbearers were . . .

Five Canadian athletes took part in the cauldron lighting, complete with technical difficulties


In the end, the Olympic cauldron was [meant to be] lit by five of Canada’s most acclaimed athletes. Rick Hansen brought it into the building, passed it to Catriona LeMay Doan, who passed it to Steve Nash, who passed it to Nancy Greene Raine who ran it to Wayne Gretzky. The culmination of the torch’s 106-day pan-Canadian journey was not without its hitches, as one of the cauldron pieces in BC Place didn’t rise up from the floor, leaving LeMay Doane with nothing to light. After the indoor ceremony, Gretzky ran the torch outside and was driven in the back of a pickup truck to the outdoor cauldron on the waterfront. In the pouring rain, Gretzky smiled at the screaming pedestrians running alongside his ride through the Vancouver streets.


New York Times

Toronto Sun

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And the torchbearers were . . .

  1. Of course, CTV streaming video cut out just as the malfunction was happening. Now THAT is Canada for you! Proud, but just expecting something to go a little bit wrong. Too bad for our lovely Catriona

  2. "The torch relay is a total fabrication," says Ira B. Nadel of the University of British Columbia, who has studied the techniques Riefenstahl used to aestheticize the Nazi cause. "The Germans invented it for the 1936 Olympics. There was nothing like it in the ancient Olympics.
    The idea for relay came from the Nazi Sports Minister Carl Diem and was seized as an opportunity by Joesph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda minister to present a friendly face to the world.
    The flame etc, much to do about nothing

  3. I remember that malfunction. Wrong timing for me. I was beginning to see all what is happening.