Anders to troops: "Pull the trigger" -

Anders to troops: “Pull the trigger”

Controversial Calgary MP defends phrase as common military expression


Never one to shy away from controversy, Calgary West MP Rob Anders left a particularly muscular message on a card addressed to Canadian troops. “When in doubt,” Anders wrote, “pull the trigger.” Anders defended the note as “a common military expression,” saying whatever outrage it generates is overblown. The card was installed in the House of Commons lobbies by a Christian group called El Shafie Ministries, which invited MPs from all parties to sign it. Anders colleagues in the Conservative caucus opted for more banal messages. Stephen Harper signed “You’re the best,” while Defence Minister Peter MacKay wrote: “You all make us very proud. You are our Team Canada. Thank you for your service. Come home safe.”

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Anders to troops: “Pull the trigger”

  1. Calgary West MP Rob Anders commits a public mischief when he advises Canadian invaders in Afghanistan to commit war crimes. "When in doubt," Anders wrote, "pull the trigger." This is tantamount to counselling murder. A fascist group called El Shafie Ministries, which professes to be Christian (Jesus doesn't support the troops), has circulated a card for MP's to sign. Anders defended his evil quip claiming that is a "common military expression". He is a liar. Four Canadians were blown to bits by the cowardly Yanks because they didn't identify the targets. Yea, even white people die when white people "shoot first and ask questions later" (the common expression he meant). But Anders meant kill dark skinned people not whitey. The Conservative, Reform, Alliance Party (CRAP) has committed war crimes and once again the Canadian Armed Forces have not only lost a decade long war (longer than both world wars) but have disgraced the uniform and the country. May justice prevail and the guilty be punished.

    • "When in doubt, pull the trigger" is a friendly joke. You've got issues if you take that saying seriously. If someone tells you "over my dead body", do you take that saying seriously too? How about "Fido: roll over and play dead!" Is that tantamount to murder as well? You're a loon.

  2. Where did my comments go? I just checked out El Shafie Ministries and a three minute You Tube video called "Behind Enemy Lines" which features a disgrace to his Canadian uniform saying the Taliban loves murdering children especially those who try to go to school. This war criminal concludes by saying that if you don't support the mission (the majority of Canadians and earthlings) you against education and in support of killing children. El Shafie is a hate mongering fascist money pit and no more Christian than the pedophiles running the Catholic Church. The irony of El Shafie is it was founded by an ass who claims he was tortured by Muslims for converting to Christianity. El Shafie supports Canadian alleged Christians torturing Muslims. War criminals and hate filled Christians making a buck.

  3. When his own Defence Minister Peter MacKay calls Mr. Anders' comments "inappropriate", it think it's time for Mr. Anders to consider pulling his own plug. He's been a thorn in the side of the CPC and his own Calgary West riding association for years.

  4. Actually, I think the soldiers have a better way to describe what Mr. Ander's was trying to say. It goes like this…

    "Better to be tried by a jury of twelve, than carried by six"

  5. As for the "War crimes" comment from Grahame Murray….hmmm…

    hyperbole much buddy?

    • "Better to be tried by a jury of twelve (for deliberately and unlawfully killing a human being), than carried by six (pallbearers carrying your dumb ass for not shooting first and asking questions later, passing the ammunition and let the Lord sort it out). My Vietnam vet buddies complain they all looked alike. I ask how raping them before shooting them helped tell them apart.

  6. Hyperbole? "I was only following orders." "I didn't know the gun was loaded". "Afghans torture Afghans. We only supply the victims." "It's not our business". "Taliban Jack". "You support the Taliban:. You give comfort to the enemy." "You're accusing Canadian soldiers of war crimes." "They deserve it." "If it saves lives." "You have to fight terrorism with terrorism." "Our God's bigger than your God".

    • Hmmm…….above I asked you,

      "hyperbole much buddy? "

      And you certainly responded in the affirmative.

      Instead, I should have asked about your medicinal requirements, as apparently you have forgotten to have the prescription(s?) refilled.

      Just go put your tinfoil back on….and sit in the soft room for a while.