Andrew Coyne on the likelihood of a coalition

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Andrew Coyne on the likelihood of a coalition

  1. Andrew, the likelihood of a coalition is exactly zero. It has been asked and answered, specifically ruled out by the Liberal Party.

    It is the responsibility of the Prime Minister to earn and maintain the Confidence of the House. If he fails, then it goes to the GG who can (but is not required) to ask the next largest party if they can maintain the confidence of the house. If the Liberals can maintain confidence with the support of other parties, it would be no different then the Conservatives governing in a minority, where they would require the support of other parties in order to govern. You know this, everyone (except Stephen Harper, it seems) knows this, can we please move on to more substantive issues now? Please?

  2. Remember that coalitions are bad and illegal. Greasing politicians with patronage and other perks paid for by the voters to cross the floor is just fine.

  3. Why is this called City Vote?

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