Andrew Potter on why leaders' debates are useless -

Andrew Potter on why leaders’ debates are useless

Plus: how he would like to see things change


Shot and edited by Tom Henheffer
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Andrew Potter on why leaders’ debates are useless

  1. Can't say i disagree with much you had to say AP. We have become far too presidential over the years; i suppose it all started with PET, much as i appreciated the touch of style and panache he introduced into what had been a pretty soggy national scene.
    How much does our FPTP system, which also emphasizes winner take all, help to make this inevitable in an ever more complex and yet conversely ADD world?

  2. Interesting! In recent elections I have been struggling to find the debates interesting, but they largely seem stilted and over-formatted and when they're over, my strongest passion is frustration with format, and not any degree of enthusiasm for what I saw or learned.