Angelo Persichilli named PMO director of communications

Toronto Star columnist replaces Dimitri Soudas

Stephen Harper has appointed political columnist Angelo Persichilli as the new director of communications for the Prime Minister’s Office. Persichilli replaces Dimitri Soudas, a close confidant of Harper’s since he became leader of the Canadian Alliance in 2002. Persichilli most recently worked as the political editor for the Italian-language newspaper Corriere Canadese, and as a political columnist for the Toronto Star and the Hill Times.

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Angelo Persichilli named PMO director of communications

  1. Well, I suppose technically, one-offs is correct. After all, the CPC was only elected once in 2008-2009

  2. No more surprising then when Duffy got named to the Senate. Harper loves media columnists that go to the wall for him.

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