Anna Wintour rumour met with a chill -

Anna Wintour rumour met with a chill



Wintour rumour met with a chill on Twitter

Rumours that Anna Wintour is on the shortlist to be the next U.S. ambassador to the U.K. — or maybe France, some say — have been greeted with downright hostility on the internet and elsewhere. Here’s what Tweeps are saying about the ‘ambassador in Prada’ —

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President Obama said to consider Vogue editor Anna Wintour as next ambassador to the U.K. | News
Article: Obama Is Reportedly Considering Anna Wintour for Ambassadorship to UK or France
Is Anna #Wintour the new Pamela Harriman? #France #Obama… #RidiculousThePositionsToBeBought
Anyone who knows me knows that I ADORE Anna Wintour. But appointing her as a diplomatic ambassador would just be ridiculous.Bernice McMillan
Anna Wintour, an Ambassador? Really give up #Vogue mag b/c Obama asked? Anna, stick to your day job! #toocrazy JM
Anna Wintour is a ludicrous pick for US Ambassador to London: the Special Relationship is not a fashion statement Parker
So Anna Wintour to become Ambassador to the UK? Is it #fashion truth or publicity for the Vogue HBO documentary?
She just throws a dinner party and becomes ambassador! U gotta love Anna Wintour!
If Anna Wintour is appointed US ambassador to the UK, they should retaliate by appointing Russell Brand.David Burge

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