Annals of Asymmetrical Federalism: Canada Day edition


The NCC held a presser today to announce the schedule for the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.

Number of acts who will perform on Parliament Hill on July 1: 22

Number of acts from Quebec: 11

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Annals of Asymmetrical Federalism: Canada Day edition

  1. Asymemtrical, sure. But the NCC is trying to present a show reflecting both official languages. With that in mind all the Francophone artists I know that are originally from the ROC end up in Montréal to practice their trade in French.

  2. Andrew,

    This is totally unrelated, but I’m hoping you can refresh my memory. A while back you wrote about a guy convicted of insider trading who was also a columnist of sorts. What sticks in my mind is his motto “keep it authentic” but Google offers nothing substantial. Do you remember this? What is this guy’s name?


  3. Ryan,

    The columnist was “Martin Lukes”, who was actually a fake CEO/columnist, probably written by Lucy Kellaway, for the Financial Times. Martin Lukes was intended as a parody of the type, then they killed him off, Conrad Black style.

    Christine: You’re right. So if we also include Danny Boudreau from Nnew Brunswick, that’s 12 francophone acts out of 22. That certainly does “reflect” both official languages. What it does not reflect is anything resembling Canada.

  4. Why does it matter where the acts come from as long as they are entertaining – who cares?

  5. Well I was thinking along the lines of Damien Robitaille, a former Franco-Ontarian who now lives in Montréal. You don’t make a lot of money singing in LaFontaine, ON. Or even Swing (I’m not sure if you included them in your 12) who are Ontarians despite the fact that they sing in French.
    Sure Québec musicians still outnumber the rest of Canada, but I do think the numbers are slightly skewed because a lot of us Francophones from the ROC end up in Montréal.

  6. You know, if memory serves me correctly, in the year of the Saskatchewan and Alberta centenaries they had disproportionate numbers of artists from those provinces also. Maybe not 11 out of 22, but still…

    The fact that Quebec City is celebrating its 400th anniversary (an important historical event in this country, n’est-ce pas?) might have something to do with it.

    But since we’re on about national identity and proper proportions, etc., how about revealing how many of this national magazine’s preeminent 50 commentators/bloggers live east of Montreal?

    Is it really zero?

  7. Andrew,

    Thanks. I guess the slogan was too good to be real…

  8. I guess my question will remain unanswered.

    How many of “MacLeans 50” reside east of Montreal?

    Is it zero?

    Are there even 10 who don’t live between Toronto and Montreal?

    If you’re going to dump on Canada Day committee organizers, surely Canada’s national magazine can… oh nevermind.

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