Anonymous member claims to have taken down GoDaddy -

Anonymous member claims to have taken down GoDaddy


GoDaddy, the world’s largest registrar of domain names and among the largest web hosts, is experiencing severe and widespread technical difficulties today, Mashable is reporting.

The offical website,, cannot be reached and countless websites hosted by the registrar are also down. Even domain names registered with GoDaddy that are not being hosted by the site have gone dark.

A prominent hacker with the Anonymous collective has taken credit for the attack, saying that the intent of the hack was, in part, to test GoDaddy’s “cyber security.” Although Own3r, who is the security leader of Anonymous, took credit for the action this afternoon in a tweet, many are taking the pronouncement with a grain of salt. Anonymous has recently come under fire for spreading misinformation, saying that they found 12 million UDIDs (unique codes that identify Apple iPhone and iPad information) in hacked FBI computers. On their website they wrote “FBI IS USING YOUR DEVICE INFO FOR A TRACKING PEOPLE PROJECT.” In reality, the group had retrieved only one million UDIDs, which were stolen from an app developer.

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