Another banner day for the Mounties

A couple of postcards from the alternate dimension that is the RCMP


Newspapers in Vancouver and Toronto have complementary postcards today from the alternate dimension that is the RCMP. From the Vancouver Sun comes the tale of a Burnaby, B.C. constable who lost his wallet. A Good Samaritan popped the billfold into a mailbox, whereupon Canada Post sent it over to the Vancouver city police. But oops! The wallet happened to contain a baggie of pot belonging to said constable, whose dismissal has been upheld by a review panel. Meantime, the Toronto Sun has a compelling assemblage of civil payouts the Mounties have issued in recent years over officer misconduct and botched investigations. Of note is a $2.2-million disbursement to settle a Calgary plaintiff’s wrongful conviction and imprisonment for sexual assault: turns out the officer assigned to investigate had an undisclosed sexual relationship with the complainant. All this comes as B.C.’s attorney general suggests the RCMP officers involved in the Dziekanski taser case may yet face criminal charges. Roll over, Sam Steele.

Vancouver Sun

Toronto Sun

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Another banner day for the Mounties

  1. At this point, it is clearly in the public’s interest that the Mounties involved in the Vancouver taser death face criminal charges. Virtually no one who has seen the tapes and heard the evidence believes that they have given a factual account of the incident. If there is a rational that leads to an innocent verdict so be it.

    Personally I think they would be exonerated based on the fact that they were operating within standard proceedures. If the court were to find them innocent based on those grounds, the outcome would immediately focus attention were it will be most effective. The RCMP, police forces and their civilian oversight that have advocated policies leading to the abuse of tasers since their introduction. The current inquiry while useful will not achieve the same clarity.

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