Another great moment in ambush marketing -

Another great moment in ambush marketing

Some companies pay a lot of money to be associated with the Games. Others find more creative ways.


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with that other Olympic sport—ambush marketing. I spotted this the other night on a giant projector screen downtown. Can’t imagine it’s the type of association Microsoft wants to make. Besides, does this mean VANOC has had to hire someone to wiggle the mouse every few minutes?

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Another great moment in ambush marketing

  1. Having gone through a period of time using Windows I see there is no way to get Windows working safely. Get a Mac for crying out loud, don't keep buying into their fixes.

  2. shut up don jusko… =P this has nothing to do with the acticle ( kind of , but not really , its about ambush marketing for **** sakes…) Mac only became only slightly good when it came out with Mac OSX , while Windows has been good since Windows 95.

  3. Never knew It could happen like this. Fixes are just a waste of time though.

  4. Why wouldn't Microsoft want to make that association? The Olympics are both popular and highly accredited, so I am curious as to why you would make this assumption. Associating themselves with the Olympics – even by acident – is great for business.