Another guilty plea for the 'Toronto 18' -

Another guilty plea for the ‘Toronto 18’

In the middle of his trial, Fahim Ahmad admits the truth


Fahim Ahmad, the original ringleader of the so-called “Toronto 18” terrorist group, has issued a surprise guilty plea in the middle of his trial. Now 25, the Scarborough man was the driving force behind an infamous 2005 winter training camp, where more than a dozen young Muslims marched in the snow and spoke of jihad while undercover officers hunkered nearby. A tough talker, Ahmad dreamed of storming Parliament, beheading politicians, and forcing Canada to pull its troops out of Afghanistan. In a fiery speech videotaped at the end of the camp, Ahmad tells his followers that “Rome has to be defeated.” It “doesn’t matter what trials you face, it doesn’t matter what comes your way,” he says. “Our mission’s greater. Whether we get arrested, whether we (get) killed, we get tortured, our mission’s greater than just individuals.” Three months after the camp, one of Ahmad’s trusted followers, Zakaria Amara, distanced himself from the others and embarked on a separate plot to detonate three truck bombs in downtown Toronto. Amara pleaded guilty earlier this year and was sentenced to life in prison. A date for Ahmad’s sentencing has yet to be set.

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Another guilty plea for the ‘Toronto 18’

  1. Canada rocks! we showed the world how terror investigations are done up here in the True North, Strong and Free!

  2. It is the sophisticated variety that is cause for worry, this crew were rank amateurs.

  3. We lucked out that he pled guilty,This is no demonstration of Canadian prowess at prosecution. If convicted his "life" sentance will probably be only 7 years or so.

  4. unfair dealing – r u 4 real? they plead guilty to the charges. they were planning terrible things – is that not worth criminal prosecution in yur opinion? yur not a sympathizer r u?

  5. so what if it was disorganized, how much sophistication does it take to pull the trigger or to detonate a bomb. 2) did not one of them branch off to plan a bomb attack due to the disorganization of the camp? because it was not serious enough? you ask what else they did: how about extremist indoctrination, which as we all know, leads to extremist actions. it's like you want a bomb to go off and even then you'd probably write how that was a sham too. shameful.

  6. I'm just asking the question: Do you feel that our way of life, our security, our freedom is at risk from a couple of hotheads talking about "Rome" in the forest?

    The camping group (of which Fahim is a member) had no materials. Most of them were not even inclined to terrorist discussions. The informant has said that many were naive sheep that were unaware of any terror plans, and whom he kept in the dark on purpose. Even a member of Stephen Harper's Advisory Council on National Security called them "jihadi wannabees", whom he thought would not be found guilty of any serious crimes.

    The other 5 – the bomb-plotters – were under surveillance for as long as four years. Suddenly, six months before the arrests, informants coach these kids on buying fertilizer to use as bombs (look it up), and then informants rent a warehouse across from the RCMP in Newmarket, and then the informants purchase fake fertilizer for them.

    My point is this: These kids were guilty of thought-crimes. Any bomb-plot would not have been possible without the govt engineering it for them. Simple as that. Watch Unfair Dealing on google vid

  7. I would hope thinking to blow up your fellow citizens is a crime, especially when you organize training to do so, and especially when several of them did branch off to do just that. are you a lawyer for these admitted terrorists? you keep advertising your documentary but it has been debunked by several guilty pleas. by the way how could you pronounce a verdict of not guilty when the trial is not even over? who the hell made you judge and jury???

  8. informants coached them to buy the fertilizer? So how do you explain that Zakaria Amara had a detonator BEFORE he met the other agent? dude – what are you smoking – cuz you got ripped off.

  9. Alright, this is to all the CSIS agents who are trolling this board:

    The guy who coached them to use fertilizer is named Qari Kifayatullah. Although he is on wiretap as coaching them on the "virtues of truck bombs", he was never arrested. Instead they arrested a 16 year old who stole walkies! Now why is that? Because Qari was working for CSIS, and even Mubin Shaikh admits he had never heard of plans to use fertilizer bombs until this guy starting talking about it.

    Only RCMP informants can be compelled to testify. Not CSIS informants. Who knows how many other informants were involved and moving this thing along? Google Qari Kifayatullah. Most of the Toronto 18 had nothing to do with a bomb-plot, it is simply guilt by association. The others were, sadly, misguided and simple-minded. Just easy enough for our intelligence to take advantage at the very opportune moment, as we point out in Unfair Dealing.

  10. you seem to know quite a bit of the evidence by yourself. Funny thing is this qari guy met them like once or twice and for several months thereafter, there was no qari and yet they continued with their plan. this tells me that the idea was already in their minds and that they were committed to using violence to achieve their goals. now i'm no lawyer but that is what we call terrorism. secondly, this mubin shaikh guy is a hero. i'm totally not down with his previous involvement in sharia law but he stood firm to principles that most of us only wish we could and he has played a large part in not only stopping these guys doing what they have admitted they were doing. to suggest – as you do – that this is all somehow a patsy, a false-flag, a black op – is to deny yourself the common sense of calling a spade a spade.

  11. Unfair Dealing has been dealt a death blow by the Star's feature coverage of the case:

    This is what you get when you actually go to court and see/hear the evidence as opposed to making up documentaries in yo mama's basement.

  12. Thanks, I've seen the article already, but I'm not sure what you mean by death blow. Feel free to elaborate….

    We are posting the most detailed timeline to date on the "Toronto 18" online. Check out or in the next few days and it should be up. Cheers