Another Manitoba conviction overturned -

Another Manitoba conviction overturned

Acquittal of Kyle Unger adds to questions surrounding legendary Crown prosecutor


Kyle Unger is a free man after Manitoba justice officials withdrew murder charges against him in the 1990 killing of a teenage girl, admitting they don’t have enough evidence to retry him. Unger, 38, had spent 14 years in prison for the killing of 16-year-old Brigitte Grenier. Today, the province’s deputy attorney general told a court that DNA testing shows no trace of Unger on any of the exhibits and does not link him to the crime scene. The acquittal will add to already intense scrutiny of the record of George Dangerfield, the Crown who won the conviction against Unger. Once legendary in provincial legal circles, Dangerfield has now seen three of his high profile convictions overturned— Thomas Sophonow and James Driskell and Unger. A fourth man, Frank Ostrowski Sr., has been granted bail after serving 23 years for the murder of a suspected police informant named Robert Nieman. A federal investigation of that case concluded that a miscarriage of justice had “likely occurred.”

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Another Manitoba conviction overturned

  1. And a guilty man goes free. Kyle Unger should not become a poster boy for the "wrongfully convicted" because he is a confessed murderer. He is being released for three reasons. The location of the murder didn't leave much in the way of forensic evidence; his co-convicted (who implicated him) is deceased and therefore unable to testify; and his confession (although freely given) has been discredited.

    So a convicted murderer goes free because of the "innocence project", even though he is not innocent.

    What do we say to his next victim and her family? What do we say to Brigitte Grenier's family? They are the real sufferers here. Unger simply spent time in prison paying for his crime.

    I hope that we don't compound this tragedy by paying him compensation. If we won't let Thatcher profit from his crime, we shouldn't let Unger either.

  2. The injustice is even worse than the court admitted. An innocent man went to jail (I have worked for years in the legal system and know how easy that is to do) and a guilty one has gone free and after all this time will probably never be caught. Fred if you are assuming that the legal system always gets the right person then I have a bridge in New York you may want to buy. Your type of gulibility should always be taken advantage of.

  3. I was the next door neighbour to Unger's co-convicted, and lived in the community where this happened. Like everyone in our community we followed the case closely and are aware of the facts never entered into evidence.

    I am not the gullible one. That is the people who think Unger is innocent. If you believe that it is possible for the innocent to be wrongly convicted, why not that the guilty can be wrong exonerated?