Another pastor plans to burn Quran -

Another pastor plans to burn Quran

Tennessee reverend says he supports Jones, will post video of burning holy book on the Web


Having demonstrated the global notoriety to be gained through Muslim-baiting, Rev. Terry Jones has at least one copycat on his side—an evangelical minister from Springfield, Tenn. who plans to burn a copy of the Quran on Saturday and post video of the event on the Internet. Rev. Bob Old appears undaunted—attracted perhaps—by the international revulsion ones provoked with his own plan to incinerate copies of the Quran on the 9th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Jones’s idea drew outrage from everyone from U.S. military leaders to the White House, in large measure because he could be putting U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Aghanistan in danger. Ironically enough, Old’s announcement comes just as Jones is showing signs he will buckle: in an interview with a Toronto radio station, the Gainesville, Fla. pastor admitted he’d been affected by the angry reaction. “We are very much in prayer about it,” he told AM640. “There is the possibility, of course, that we will not do it.”

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Another pastor plans to burn Quran

  1. If we were not lied to about 9/11 this would not be happening. Press for truth.

  2. There is also a group now in the UK who will be doing the same I believe. Koran burning seems to be spreading like wildfire.

  3. While your at it , throw all the religious symbols you can into the bonfire.

    May the spirit make it clear to people that
    principles are what is important….
    not books , crosses , flags , cartoons.

    The spirits greatest gift is creation , life.
    Accordingly , the best way to honor and respect spirit
    it to honor and respect life.

    Will man ever figure that out?

    • Frankly I think we'd be better without the "spirits" too.

      • Hello Harvey. ____The word "spirit" in my first post may be used as a placeholder . __People can replace it with their prophet or deity of choice , God , Allah , Jesus , Muhammad , Buddha ,__Flying Spaghetti Monster , as appropriate. ______Do you think that man should strive to make the tomorrow's world__more peaceful , more enjoyable for all it's inhabitants? __Or at least , not make it worse?____To do this requires ideas , order , basic principles, a long term outlook. __Religions and secular law try to supply these basic principles , order, and outlook.____But , Religions and secular law frequently end up obsessing on symbols of the principles ,__even going to the point of violating the original principles __in the name of protecting the symbols of the principles. __That is chaos. ____Technology moves fast. __Man's ethics and principles need to keep pace.____My 1st post was intended to highlight the relative importance of __Religious or secular symbols , versus the underlying principles of the symbols. ____just whistlng in the wind…__regards____

        • Am I missing something in your post geeyermo ? I do not understand all the blanks..fill them in ? or?…..

          • the blanks are where there used to be "line feeds" ,
            apparently added by website parser.
            the blanks weren't there when I submitted the response….

          • O.K…..Allrighty then…….

      • Haha, I agree with the holy spirit if that is what you are mentioning about Geeyermo…

        I also agree with Harvey Mushman about without the "spirits"…
        Especially this reverent… Dun drink so much alcohol…

  4. It would require a Christian to take a practice of faith based on peace and love and contort it into inciting racial hatred. Being pathetic seems to be the lowest common denominator for your average Christian. I can just imagine Jesus right now standing up and applauding, saying 'you have cracked it! That's the move that will lead the to love me'… yes, that was sarcasm, I use because it helps point out how stupid some stupid really people are… anyone who supports this should stop calling themselves Christians and start your own religion, may I suggest calling it 'moron-ism'?

    • Yo Tom:

      "It would require a Christian…"

      "…your average Christian…"

      Oh well.

  5. Monkey see Monkey do syndrome. The copy cat preacher is just proof Christians have lost their way. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. yes! yes! yes! yes! …this is so exciting religion fighting religion….taking bets now

    • I 'll take 2 to 1 that the average Christian, beats out the Christian Christian…. undecided on the copycat Christian though…….

  7. Old is another Southern Baptist although the main article says the Baptist hierarchy has condemned burning sacred texts. Tiresome.

  8. Well, my thoughts on this religious stupidity of those so called "Reverends" in adding to the problems we already have in the world, are that Jesus is probably weeping at these two idiots behavior in his name. Were they true Christians, they would NOT be preaching hate, but adhering to the God is Love rather. I sincerely hope that this does not breed another bunch of hatred against all of us who are not Arabic Muslims, or any stripe of Muslim. Tiresome indeed, but extremely dangerous nevertheless.

  9. There will be many idiots like these pastors out there. Well, the other world's idiots have already threatened to kill us at the first idiot's announcement, I suppose they can't kill us twice, thrice or how many "kill, kill' or "Death to Infidels" we have been shown, so why not burn them already. I am sick of the attention these people are getting that many medias cover this 24 hrs. and how many days, sickening. Get on with it.

  10. I think you are all insane down there.,Your goverment,the state department,want that pastor to quit that foolish 15 minute of fame stunt .Why haven't any of gun toten crazies put a bullet in him yet .That would end the problem. Screw the media ,for giving this more coverage than was ever necessary .They thrive on digging up everything and publish things that are hurtful not only to an indvidual but as of late countries , military activivies,they DO NOT CARE!!!