Another Tamil ship bound for Canada? -

Another Tamil ship bound for Canada?

Reports say there may be another influx of Sri Lankans seeking refugee status


Another ship filled with Tamils escaping Sri Lanka may be crossing the Pacific Ocean and heading for Canada, reports the Vancouver Sun. Since yesterday, reports have been circulating that federal officials in Canada are preparing to head off the boat, the third of its kind, following the Aug. 12 cargo ship that was carrying 492 migrants seeking refugee status. Chris McCluskey, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, said in an email when asked about the latest possible ship of Canada-bound Tamils, “Our Government will not sit back while Canada becomes a target for increasingly sophisticated criminal operations that are trying to take advantage of Canada’s generosity. We will toughen our laws to ensure that we are able to maintain our borders and defeat human smuggling.”

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Another Tamil ship bound for Canada?

  1. As long as we are impotent stop them, they will come. And no government will risk losing the votes of the tamil diaspora to change the laws. So the ships will continue. The LTTE will continue their fight from our shores.

  2. Why the continued interest in Tamil ships now. Wouldn't it be better to have worried 20-30 years ago, remember those Tamil ships in Newfoundland or the Sikhs. The problem with Canadians is they don't stop it from the beginning and keep on electing Liberal fools like Bob Rae into power. First and foremost,. remove the Charter rights that these fake refugees have, second abolish the IRB. Third, until everything is fixed, put a moratorium on refugees. Canada has accepted more that it's share of refugees, perhaps it's time we let other countries like perhaps Thailand where these Tamils depart from take them in.

  3. Canada has no racists only Québec does. Oups ! sorry, for the moment and thought I was a columnist

  4. We should do a John Wayne here, Head em off, Round em up,and Herd em back to the home Ranch ..and don't forget to lock the gate behind you this time !

  5. tough talk by Toews but that is all it will amount. We are legally bound to accept refugees regardless how they arrive. I would like to hear what specific actions they propose. How about holding them in the quenn charlottes while they are processed?

  6. According to investigative reports, the recently arrived Tamil migrant ship, Harin Panich 19 did not originate in Sri Lanka as some people may think. It came from Thailand and this is where the Tamil migrants embarked. As far as we know, Tamils do not fear persecution in Thailand . This would demonstrate that they are simply economic migrants seeking to travel to the country where they may avail themselves of the most generous social benefits and realize improved economic prospects.

    While “persecution” may be one description of the situation of Tamil in Sri Lanka, perhaps a more accurate synopsis is rather that they chose to become involved in a civil war (which was persecuted in a violent and very bloody fashion on their behalf by the LTTE), which they subsequently lost. Now, rather than accept a future in Sri Lanka as an “under-class”, they are seeking greener pastures by coming to Canada .

    A secret CBSA report that was obtained by a Vancouver journalist and subsequently made available made available on the Internet concluded that approximately 25 of the 76 migrants (all men) who arrived on the Princess Eswary (renamed Ocean Lady), last fall, were in fact LTTE members. The CBSA report indicated that traces of RDX explosives (the kind used by suicide bombers) had been found on the Ocean Lady. The personal belongings of a few of the migrants reportedly contained traces of drugs. This would support the allegation that this ship was part of the LTTE fleet and has previously been used to smuggle war materials and drug contraband.

    Release of the 76 Tamil migrants last fall appears to be as result of the questionable decisions of members of the immigration and refugee board members, such as Mr. Otto Nupponen. (His decision making is also allegedly responsible for the release of self admitted El Savadorian assassin, Jose Franciso Cardoza Quinteros).