Anthony Weiner’s wife stands by Carlos Danger


When Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 after “sexting” pics of his bulging boxers to women who were not his wife, it was to save the Democrats further embarrassment.

No such luck, then, for his wife, Huma Abedin, who stood beside Weiner, now a candidate for mayor of New York, on July 23 as he once again admitted to sending sexually explicit photos online using the name Carlos Danger.

While Weiner was cagey about when the pics, which surfaced on the gossip website The Dirty, were sent, the highlight of the press conference was Abedin’s cringeworthy statement: “Anthony has made some horrible mistakes,” she said. “I have forgiven him.”

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Anthony Weiner’s wife stands by Carlos Danger

  1. I liked the News Headline:

    ERECTION UPDATE: Pressure mounts on Weiner to pull out…

  2. Well, Huma learned from the master of staying in a marriage as long as it is politically expedient to do so.