Anti-gay attacks on rise in Iraq

Human Rights Watch reports hundreds of homosexual men have been killed in Iraq since 2004


NGO Human Rights Watch reports homosexual Iraqi men have been murdered in a coordinated campaign of so-called honour killings. Entitled “They want us exterminated: Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq,” the report says that while the Mehdi Army militia group are leading the campaign, Iraqi security forces police are also involved. According to witnesses, groups abduct people and interrogate them to discover the identities of others, before murdering them. “Murder and torture are no way to enforce morality,” said Human Rights Watch researcher Rasha Moumneh. “These killings point to the continuing and lethal failure of Iraq’s post-occupation authorities to establish the rule of law and protect their citizens.”

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Anti-gay attacks on rise in Iraq

  1. If you want to practically help send some $$$ the way of 'Iraqi LGBT'

    They run safe houses inside Iraq as well as supporting refugees in the rest of the middle east.

    Whilst the HRW report is good news for raising the profile of the pogrom, only Iraqi LGBT is actually supporting people (saving them from murder) inside the country. But funds are scarce and they consequently have to turn people away.

    To find out more, read their annual report which is published on their website.

  2. well at leat the iraqis have done one thing right

  3. well at least the iraqis have done one thing right