Anti-HST petition ruled legal in B.C. Supreme Court -

Anti-HST petition ruled legal in B.C. Supreme Court

Business leaders disappointed by ruling but won’t appeal


Former B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm’s 700,000-signature petition against British Columbia’s HST will be allowed to proceed, according to the B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver. In a quick judgment on Friday, the Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman rejected the big business coalition’s bid to kill the controversial petition. This decision has been credited with ending the
stand-off about the petition, which has remained in limbo since business and industry challenged its legality. Justice Bauman dismissed all of the arguments raised by the coalition that included the Council of Forest Industries, the Mining Association and the B.C. Chamber of Commerce. “I would not give effect to any of [their] submissions and I dismiss this application,” Chief Justice Bauman concluded. The business groups said they would respect the decision and not appeal, though B.C. Chamber of Commerce president John Winter said he was disappointed with the decision.

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Anti-HST petition ruled legal in B.C. Supreme Court

  1. John Winter is an idiot. Does he honestly feel that with 700K signature and 85% of the people against the HST that its going to stay? The fact that he even brought this action is a disrespect for democracy and the will of the people. Just because big business bought the Liberals doesnt mean they can buy the people. Big business and Liberals had a deal before the last election. You give the Liberals money and we will bring in the HST. Sorry in time you will lose!!

    • I agree.It doesn't matter if the HST is the best thing since sliced bread.700,000 people said NO.That's what matters, unless you believe in "Big brother knows best !!! "

  2. I hope this business coalition is kicking themselves for blowing a pile of money on this useless action. Not only did they lose the legal battle but they gave their political foes even more ammunition. Looks good on ya boys!

  3. I am in favour of the HST. It's a small price to pay for the many services we need.
    But in a democracy the majority should have the last word.

  4. Higher taxes shouldn't be any surprise after the Govn't started spending $Billions on Stimulus.

    Where did you think that money was going to come from? Grow on Trees?

    At least the money isn't coming off the top of my income. If I don't want to pay it, I just have to stop buying stuff.

  5. The provincial budget and the HST, were, too poorly planned. Thousands of BC people, are still not back on their feet, from the recession. Campbell has closed down, 51 mills. He has cost the BC mill workers, 30.000 job losses, during his time in office. Our jobs and raw logs, go to China. Our northern economy, has been wiped out. Jobs in BC are still scarce, this coming winter is going to be dreadful. Stimulus, seems a false economy, when the job is done, so is the money. There aren't enough full time jobs. Most jobs are, part time and minimum wage. Rumor has it, there is another recession on the way.

  6. What is Democracy? Is it a majority government that says one thing before an election and does the opposite right after the election? Is it when as the law infers that 10% of the electorate petitons the government to reconsider its policies, or is it when the privileged few interrupt the process by filing legal contest. Is it when the courts impede pulic process with time consummig procedures to see it the privileged few supercede the will of the people The people, right or wrong are what democracy is and the sooner these appointed depots recognize their place is to service that entity the real democracy will once again be ours to hold high and defend.