Anti-miscarriage drug DES causes multi-generational health problems -

Anti-miscarriage drug DES causes multi-generational health problems

Up to 10 million are estimated to have been exposed


DES (or diethylstilbestrol), an anti-miscarriage drug widely used between 1940 and 1970, has been linked to health problems—including breast cancer, infertility, difficult pregnancies and early menopause—in the daughters and the granddaughters of women who used it. Sons of DES mothers also have been found more likely to develop testicular cysts and other problems. A form of artificial estrogen prescribed to pregnant women between 1938 and 1971 with mid-pregnancy complications or previous miscarriages, DES was discontinued when it was found daughters of women who used it were developing a rare vaginal cancer. It’s estimated between four and 10 million people were exposed. The drug’s cumulative harm will be documented in The New England Journal of Medicine this week.


American Cancer Society

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Anti-miscarriage drug DES causes multi-generational health problems

  1. My mother took this drug in 1952 when she carried my sister….my sister died of breast cancer in 1996….after many tumors…I am 57…have 4 kids…but had two miscarriages back to back in 1980 and 1982….have an many tumors and had prophylactic mastestomy in 1999…my daughter has breast tumors and one miscarriage……I have been singing this song for years and no one would believe me…..this information was on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch yesterday……interesting……

  2. For me this story highlights the validity of the trepidation of many toward mass vaccination with Gardisil.  It’s proposed that an entire generation of women be exposed to the same drug, beginning before the end of puberty, a drug which has not passed through a period of generational testing and evaluation. The progress of medicine can be too fast and this story is an important warning about the dangers of pushing drugs on reproductive age women en masse.