Anti-terror raid in New York -

Anti-terror raid in New York

FBI arrests, then releases, a man carrying bomb-making documents


Anti-terror cops raided two apartments in Queens, N.Y., on Monday in search of a suspect with alleged links to al-Qaeda. Details are sparse—and officials insist the threat was not imminent—but reports suggest the FBI was looking for a Denver man who recently traveled to Pakistan and then suddenly showed up in New York with bomb-making documents. Known to friends as Najibullah, the suspect was freed today and allowed to fly back to Colorado, but he remains under tight surveillance. “He was being watched and concern grew as he met with a group of individuals in Queens over the weekend,” said Congressman Pete King, who was briefed on the raids. “[Investigators] would not have moved as quickly as they did if they did not believe there was real potential.”

ABC News

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Anti-terror raid in New York

  1. Plausible explanation 1: Doesn't EVERYBODY come from Pakistan with bomb-making documents?

    Plausible explanation 2: C'mon man, those documents were just so I could have street cred with the boys at the mosque and around the hood in Queens. If you think I was actually going to DO anything bad with them, well, you're just an overimaginative racist.

    Plausible explanation 3: Remember the Syrian band on the plane? Well, these little dry runs are just that, dry. You can't pin anything on me, and my lawyer says I don't even have to say that much, so you'd better let me go, copper.

    I wonder what explanation, or perhaps another, will pan out…