Appeals court overturns two counts against Conrad Black -

Appeals court overturns two counts against Conrad Black

Convictions on single count of fraud and obstruction of justice are upheld


Conrad Black’s criminal convictions in the United States have been whittled down to just one count of fraud and another of obstruction of justice. A U.S. appeals court today reversed two counts of fraud against the former CEO of Hollinger International Inc. Black, who was accused along with other executives of defrauding shareholders of the newspaper company, has already served more than two years in a Florida prison in relation to the charges. The appeals court was tasked with determining whether Black’s original fraud charges should still stand after the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year significantly narrowed the definition of so-called “honest services” fraud that prosecutors had used in their arguments against him. It’s now up to prosecutors to decide whether he should be retried on the reversed charges—an eventuality that several legal experts have suggested is unlikely. Although Black will now have to be re-sentenced on the remaining charges, it’s not clear whether he will need to go back to jail.

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Appeals court overturns two counts against Conrad Black

  1. Conrad Black was railroaded by zealous prosecutors in the corrupt Chicago legal system, it's good to see that justice is finally being done, if slowly. Hopefully he will extract a just revenge on his tormentors.

    When he finishes them, he should be appointed CEO of the CBC since he has a great track record in media he could make it into something worth watching.

    • This is completely wrong. The first prosecution wasn't corrupt – the cases in which the statute applied had been considerably expanding at common law, and they were reined in, requiring a new trial on the narrower grounds. I now t urns out that some of his business dealings were not illegal under that statute – merely self-serving, despicable and unprofessional. But one count was, plus moving the boxes out of the office.

      He's still a criminal, and he's always been a guy you wouldn't want running your company.

    • He remains a convicted fraudster and obstructor of justice.


  2. What a crap decision, leaving in place one fraud conviction to justify the obstruction of justice charge. How can he be acquitted of fraud in all instances except one? Fraud is fraud. There should be no fraud conviction.

    • He's be guilty of the obstruction even if he won on all the fraud charges. He was never going to beat that one.

    • The remaining fraud charge was NOT covered by the "honest services" provision which was the basis of his very expensive appeal.
      He was found guilty of that one and there's no doubt as to his guilt and never has been.
      He was found guilty of obstructing justice and that charge would stick even if all of the fraud charges had been overturned, because he did obstruct justice. He was also caught on film violating a court order.
      He's a convicted criminal.
      It's sad, of course, because he's an interesting and colourful man.
      But he's a felon, too.

  3. we can't "log-off" the CBC since we're forced to pay for it by our government.

    if you like the CBC, you pay for it and leave me alone.

    • I'm forced to pay for many services I don't or can't use. Doesn't mean they should all be scrapped.

  4. i'm guessing at least three of those apply to you as well.

  5. @michael fenwick, does it bother you that Omar Khadr is a Canadian Citizen? Conrad Black has done more for Canada than the Khadr family. Does it bother you then, that the Khadr family continue to live off your noble Canada while people like you get to take cheap shots at Conrad Black? Black has never killed anyone and his company was doing a lot better before American justice ran it into the ground. You would see the injustice of that if you held Hollinger stocks.

  6. I agree with Fenwick… still a felon, convicted of a very serious charge. Despite the pathetic propaganda fest promoted by the right-wing tabloid paper The National Post, he remains guilty of obstruction of justice. He won't be able to buy his way out of that one!

  7. BBC by line was , "Conrad Black convictions upheld by US appeals court", This is more in keeping with reality. He is still a convicted felon and that two of many possible charges have been technically overturned is no big deal. So the House of Lords has a convicted felon affirmed on appeal within their ranks. He is not a Canadian citizen and he should be refused entry to Canada but being a right wing neo con will open doors just watch Harper protect his own.