Arab League threatens sanctions against Syria

Damascus given 24-hour ultimatum


The Arab League has threatened to impose sweeping sanctions on Syria if it fails to sign a protocol allowing Arab monitors into the country by Friday, Reuters reports. It is a historical step for the League, which usually avoids punishing its own member states. A similar initiative by Arab countries calling for a no-fly zone over Libya paved the way for NATO air strikes there, but the League rejected the idea of an international intervention in Syria. Separately, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe was pushing for humanitarian convoys to be sent inside Syria with or without approval from Damascus. Though the French initiative does not entail military intervention, it represents a break from a previous, commonly shared stance among world powers against any direct involvement in Syria.


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Arab League threatens sanctions against Syria

  1. The UN has attempted to force Syria to cease hostilities against its own citizens by threatening an economic embargo. With oil production comprising a significant portion of Syria’s GDP, such threats will impact innocent Syrians more than they impact the ruling class.

    Here is a summary of Syria’s oil industry:


    Syria’s oil production, while significant to the country’s economy, is a tiny fraction of the world’s daily production. This is most likely why there has been no intervention by NATO.

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