Archie Comics to introduce gay character

“We wanted to have everyone at the table,” says comics artist


Archie comics, which publishes the adventures of the world’s oldest teenagers, will finally see the first gay character added to the mix. In a story from Veronica # 202, Veronica Lodge will be attracted to a hunky new guy named Kevin, not realizing that he’s attracted to men rather than women. The artist and writer, Dan Parent, says that the company wanted to introduce more “diverse characters” into its world, and that no big deal will be made of the story or the characters’ reactions “the characters just accept it, and that’s it.” Parent has also written a story where Archie has a romance with the company’s first black character, Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats. But none of this clears up the big issue: why are two sexy girls chasing after a boy with a waffle on the side of his head?


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Archie Comics to introduce gay character

  1. I always thought the whole Archie Comics thing was "gay".

  2. 'bout time.

  3. You know, I was just reading one of these comics, and I thought to myself, enough is enough. I'm not reading one more page of this until a gay guy shows up.

  4. Huuummm..you guy are really bad! What about the Simpson…I have this feeling that one of Simpson buddy might…I say might be…gay??? why not

    • I thought that was the running gag with Lenny and Carl.

  5. they better not have a gay chracters in sonic cause ill be mad as h@ll i dont care if there are gays but i dont want to be forced to read about the life of one and if they ever do put one in sonic ill make sure and show just how mad ill be (cant use bad words so i had to keep it clean)

    • i dont want to be forced to read about the life of one

      Congratulations! You live in a free country so you can't be forced to read about anything. How awesome is that?!?

  6. I realize that the creators of Archie comics thing it is still 1967, but I just don't see what the big deal is – gay men and lesbians have been depicted in culture everywhere for a long time. Now if the headline was: "Archie to feature gay character that is not effeminate stereotype defined entirely by his sexuality" that might be news.

  7. Not to mention Smithers.

    • Didn't Smithers have a thing for Mr. Burns.??

  8. seeing how i dont read archie i dont really care but if they ever put a gay chracter in sonic the hedgehod im ganna be fucking pissed i dont care if there are gays i dont want to read about them let them live there own life dont force me to read about one god dam i swear if i see that a gay couple happens to be in sonic im ganna make sure just how pissed i will be i dont care ifs its both girls i dont want to read any thing about gays

  9. First the "Archie marries" thing now this, they are really trying to keep this brand in the headlines lately.

  10. Next thing to know is David Miller coming out of the closet.

  11. this is getting ridiculously out of hand!! luckily, i stopped reading that stuff a couple of decades ago!!

  12. WE were going to provide every grade three student in the province of Ontario with a yearly subscription to the new Archie comic book. But then those creepy Muslims, Christians, reserved secularists, country folks,and many other homophobes made too much noise.

    • Really? You honestly think Archie comic is worthy to give to ANYONE?

    • you are rude and offensive, you should apologize!

      • If I have offended any Christians, Muslims or parents who want to be consulted, I sincerely apologize.

    • stereotype much?

  13. Snore. I'm queer, and this whole "look, we added a gay character to boost sales and make ourselves look cool!" thing is getting to be just a little transparent.

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