Arctic sea ice levels at all-time low

A new low for sea ice cover has climate scientists worried


A new report released from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the U.S. says that the amount of ice in the Arctic is at an all-time low. It breaks a previous record set in 2007.

Satellite data from August 26 shows that sea ice extent dropped to 4.10 million square kilometres. That’s the lowest amount seen in the three decades since the polar cap has been observed. Scientists believe that with two to three weeks left in the summer melt session, the minimum ice extent could become even lower.

The previous record from 2007 was 4.17 million square kilometres. The report also noted that the six lowest levels have all been recorded in the last six years

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Arctic sea ice levels at all-time low

  1. i feel more eco taxes / fees coming our way. The environmental issue has been blown out of proportion, because, the gov’ts have found a new cash cow. Most of the env .changes are just natural occurences, and of course, some man-made, too. Fear sells, Guilt sells……
    “that’s the lowest amount seen in three decades”, well when i was in school some 40 years ago, i remember in class, we learned about the ice age, and back then we were told that the ice was melting, because, billions years ago the whole country was covered in ice,and, now the ice is going away, because of the natural process of nature, and that’s the way it is!
    Now, the same occurence: is a disaster, and we’re all to blame for it, so we have to pay now, and blah-blah-blah……..Now i look at it that way, who is behind the experts, and how much $$$ is involved. the environmentalists have good intentions, we all know that, but the authorities have different interests, and they use these env.’s , to get what they want. i remember when the tax rate went up to 13%, people were screaming, now, we pay 15, 18, up 30% in eco. fees, and no one seems to fuss about it!. Again FEAR sells, GUILT sells!

  2. Wake me when either Florida or the Low Countries are under water.

  3. yes chicken little, the sky is falling.

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