Are Kate and Will having a baby girl?

The duchess may have given away her baby’s sex during a conversation with a well-wisher


The duchess of Cambridge visits Grimsby on March 5, 2013. (Scott Heppell/AP)

There is much speculation that Kate, duchess of Cambridge, may have inadvertently exposed the Royal baby’s sex during a public appearance Tuesday. And, if the speculation is correct, it’s a girl.

The potential slip-up that has tabloids salivating came during a visit to Grimsby, a former fishing centre that is now an area of high unemployment. As Kate accepted a teddy bear from a well-wisher she was caught on camera saying: “Oh is this for our d…” before stopping, reports The Daily Mail. As Kate continued her rounds through the crowd, another woman asked if she had, indeed, said daughter. “No, we don’t know!” the duchess reportedly replied.

The duchess is due to give birth in July and even if Will and Kate did know the sex of their baby, they wouldn’t tell, writes Telegraph reporter Gordon Rayner. “Precedent dictates that the sex of royal babies is never announced in advance,” he writes.

Should the baby be a girl, it will test out new succession laws that say the Royal couple’s first-born child will be next in line to the throne, no matter its sex.

While Royal watchers may be titillating over the prospect of a daughter, anyone on Royal baby bump watch was disappointed. Kate wore a favourite brown Hobbs coat to guard against the foggy, chilly day and the belted jacket mostly obscured any burgeoning bump.

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Are Kate and Will having a baby girl?

  1. Well, why do you think the succession law was changed? Just put two and two together!

  2. Thank you for dropping the name Middleton from Duchess Catherine’s name. It shows respect and for one who is married and is expecting the heir to the throne. Why nothing was done once Catherine and Will married is beyond me, but I will be an avid supporter of your blogs and tabloids for this courtesy shown! Thank you again!

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