Are you Google material? -

Are you Google material?

The tech company asks some pretty bizarre interview questions


Could you get hired at Google? It helps if you know how much it would cost to wash every window in Seattle, how many golf balls it takes to fill a school buts—and the answers to 13 other off-the-wall questions. Business Insider has teased out some of the questions from past interviewees and BI’s nerd readership have offers up the answers they’d give.

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Are you Google material?

  1. Well with that spelling, I'm not sure how you got a job at Macleans.
    "school buts"
    "have offers up"

  2. Well they keep Mark Steyn around…enough said…

    I suppose you never made a spelling error Chantale, its time to read any book and find they are not that rare; lighten up woman!

    On Google, most large company interviews have a few stupid "throw you" questions designed to see how quick you think on your feet. It is a good chance to throw in some humour instead of panicking, believe me, your answer does not matter as long as you can make the interviewers like you with a few good laughs.

    • Yeah, true, and they are also testing you to see how hard you can try, when the race comes down to the wire. Refusing to panic and giving the answer your best guessimate will earn you extra kudo points over the other candidates. Of course, the closer your out-of-thin-air guess is to the reality, the bettter your chances of getting the job, as well.