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‘Are You Ready,’ a song by Dan Hill and Paul Quarrington and Martin Worthy


Solo: Paul Quarrington

Duet: Hill/Quarrington


‘Are You Ready,’ a song by Dan Hill and Paul Quarrington and Martin Worthy

  1. Paul Quarrington was a gift, an inspiration to me, even before his cancer diagnosis. I didn't know him well, but I spent some time with him recently, and I am grateful for that. This song is so beautiful, and makes me so emotional, listening to it again.

  2. After reading the McLeans article, I looked up the song. WOW!!! It hits you like a warm wind on a hot summer day. So simple. So real. Thank you Paul and Dan. I will sing this song and hold back the tears. I am ready.

  3. Beautiful.

    Once again, thank you Paul.

  4. I was fortunate to hear Paul and Dan play this song a couple of times – at Hugh's Room at Paul's solo gig in November, and then at Bluebird North in December. Poignant doesn't even begin to describe the beauty and yet the heartache of this song, and of a man so deeply respected – and missed. I treasure the times I got to spend with him, and admire the honesty and braveness that he wore so well.. He didn't want to leave, but he wasn't afraid. He did everything he wanted. Much to be admired, even though he would shrug that kind of comment off with a wee chuckle and small smile.

  5. Paul Quarrington was my instructor at a Writers seminar at Humber College, Lakeshore Campus a few years ago. He was cosiderate, attentive and humorous. He was also self-deprecating, saying he was not a "famous" writer. I did not even know he was also a musician — he never mentioned it.

  6. A hearbreakingly beautiful song.

  7. That should read: "heartbreakingly"…… it's hard to see the keyboard through the tears……

  8. Wow! What a beautiful song to transition to the next life…more therapeutic than a thousand hours with your "shrink" Dan. Thanks Paul and bon voyage…

  9. Powerful and consoling at the same time. A gift to those who may soon follow Paul through the darkness and into the light.

    • Quite magical in being both touching and consoling as you say. I suspect many of us in his situation or as a helpless-feeling bystander may want to listen to this song as time goes by. It could easily become one of those eternally human songs.

  10. This seems like a wonderful parting gift from Paul Quarrington to everyone he left behind, friends and those like me who never even knew him until I read about him through his friend, Dan Hill. The song is so simple, beautiful and actually quite peaceful. Thank you to all who shared this with us.

  11. Like Neil, I read the article, was moved to look up the song, and then , man what a powerful piece of musical artistry, brilliant!!

  12. The peacefulness and transcendental beauty of the song is a treasured gift..Thank you Paul and Dan.

  13. haunting…beautiful…uplifting….sad…..it is a heartfelt statement made by a man knowing he is leaving us and by a frend who is helping him through this transition….thank you Dan and Paul

  14. I missed the news that Paul had passed so was stunned when I read the article in McLean's….I listened to this and was reminded of the song my brother asked to be sung at his funeral that Warren Zevon wrote and sang when he discovered he too was dying of lung cancer…Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile. These were all young men (including my brother) who lived life full and hard. Paul will be missed by the literary world….I want to read King Leary again so I can laugh rather than cry listening to this song.

  15. Such a lovely melody with amazing lyrics

  16. I knew Paul was dying, but hadn't heard the news till my Maclean's arrived today. He died just 2 days after Kate McGarrigle left us–probably just as well I didn't know until now–they'll both be sorely missed. What a lovely article by Dan Hill, and a wonderful song by two old friends.

  17. I never knew or heard of Paul Quarrington but I knew, and always loved Dan Hill and am always interested in any article by, or about him. After reading the article in McLeans, I had to listen to the song. I was moved to tears… It doesn't matter if I didn't know Paul. The song touched me deeply and gave me a glimpse of what a brave and talented man he was and it also inspired me because, at this very moment, someone close to me is afflicted with lung cancer. I hope I can choose the right moment to let her listen to it. Thank you, Paul and Dan.

  18. A very personal song about dying. The article brought tears to my eyes. The song brought even more tears. What a talented artist and songwriter. We are all fortunate that Paul and Dan shared this with all of us. Thank you sincerely

  19. A blessed voice touches so many, in so many ways. You are missed and loved. God bless you.

  20. This song is is not really about dying… it is rather about living life to its end… with poise … dignity… deliberation… and courage. Though I shed tears… they are tears of joy that the abyss of death need not be feared. What we dowith our time matters… to the very end! Thank "You" for this lesson Paul!

  21. I didn't know who Dan Hill was, but I am glad to hear that he was a good friend to Paul Quarrington. It is just awful that we will not get ten more books from PQ. The song is just beautiful.

    • He wrote Sometimes When We Touch…

  22. It's weird how you can feel like you know someone purely from his stories. I never really knew Paul Quarrington but was lucky enough to meet him a few times at readings and seeing him perform music. 13 years ago I got a dog for a wedding present from my best friend. We named him Quarrington. I told PQ this on the odd occasion that I got to speak with him. I think he one, couldn't believe it, two, thought it was funny. We lost our dog to cancer in November 2009 shortly after I learned about PQ's illness. My dog became a Quarrington in his own right but my friends an family knew how much PQ influenced me and that he played oddly significant part in my life. He will be missed by me, and I am someone who is basically a stranger. I re-read his stories and they still make me laugh out loud. The song is a beautiful reminder of a great soul who clearly had beautiful and inspiring friendships.

  23. beautiful voice,from a beautiful human being,god bless

  24. I've read some of Dan Hill's articles in Macleans in the past and found them very compelling. I was almost to the end of this one when Dan asked Paul where he wanted to go…"Don Mills" (home). I burst out crying at that (I never cry), as it reminded me of a friend who had died years ago, and I hadn't taken the opportunity to say goodbye. I guess I had buried the memory and out it came. I'm glad Dan had the chance to see Paul off and help him on the way. Nothing is more important. A beautiful story and a beautiful song.

  25. What a wonderfull life story

    thank you paul

  26. Myrta

    What a brave, inspiring, talented man

  27. I hope I'm as brave and insightful and honest as Paul when it is my time. Can barely handle how moving this is.

  28. what a great song. and what a loss. and what courage. he went down singing!

  29. Paul taught us how to live and as importantly, how to die.
    He will be honoured and missed.


  30. I was so blessed to see Paul in Bayfield, Ontario at one of our Writer's Festivals. Taken too soon and so talented. What a gift to all of us.

  31. Knowing the history of this song from the Feb. 8 Macleans makes it that much more poignant.

  32. beautiful….I will learn this one….. R.I.P. Paul.

  33. After reading the article, the song comes to life. Thanks Paul, I'm sure somebody will benefit from your inspirational words when they need them the most. Enjoy yourself wherever you may be.

  34. Wow!!! Paul was not only a great musician, writer; but a beautiful and courageous man who faced the other life with such a song that brings tears to all of us. A great article on his life as expessed by Dan Hill, who admired him and was a true friend to the very end. He left all of us a message that we will never forget.

  35. What a great article and a beautiful song. Thank you Dan Hill for sharing your friend Paul with us.

  36. Thank you Danny for an excellent article, and to you both for a lovely song. I'm sorry you are still in so much pain, but I hope I can help with this: when I was 14 my dad Harry died. One of my only memories is of you, Danny, eating all the icing from the cupcakes at the wake. It still makes me laugh. That was 1976. I hope someone helps to make you laugh your way through your grief as well.

    Mary Lynn Trotter

  37. Remember Paul though I only met him once- he was interested in people and that shows in his writing- lovely song and a moving expression of old friends to the end!

  38. J'ai bien aimé rencontrer Paul Quarrington lorsqu'il venait chercher ses deux fillettes à l'école Withrow. J'ai enseigné à Carson et Flannery. Paul avait le sens de l'humour bien développé! Il faisait rire tous les parents qui attendaient leurs petits après l'école. Il a autographié le livre King Leary et me l'a donné comme cadeau à la fin d'une année scolaire. Précieux souvenir! Mariette Châteauneuf

  39. I had read the book "Whale Music" and was asked by the band "The Reostatics" to sing some background vocals
    on the sound track of the movie made from the book… all so enjoyable. Then on day in my home town of Saint John NB.
    I got a call from Paul he was a friend of my brother Tony. Paul was playing at the Blue Olive A club I play as well.
    He introduced himself and asked me if I would like to came down to the club and hangout. Unfortunately I was unwell at that time and tod him I would have loved to but couldn't make it this time. When I hear this song so beautiful so well said it makes me wish I could have met him at least I got to sing in his movie. What a great soul.
    Ken Tobias

  40. Very inspired with "are you ready"

  41. Such a complete song. I can't imagine a better work or a more profound statement on a man's approaching transition…

  42. A beautiful song my only brother chose for his last day. April 20, 2010