Arizona shooter pleads guilty


Jared Lee Loughner plead guilty on Tuesday to killing six and wounding 13 people, including Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a political meeting in January of 2011, the Associated Press reports.

Loughner was declared mentally fit to stand trial after months of being forcibly medicated to treat his schizophrenia. His guilty plea will mean life in prison, but Loughner will be spared the death penalty.

In a statement released with husband Mark Kelly, Giffords, who resigned from Congress in January, 2012 to focus on her recovery, says she is pleased with the plea deal and said that avoiding a trial will allow victims to “continue with our recovery.”

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Arizona shooter pleads guilty

  1. Surprise, Surprise! They should just take the insanity defense off of the books in the US. By its very defintion, psychosis means the inability to tell the difference between fantasy and reality and yet a person with Schizophrenia who is psychotic at the time of the crime doesn’t quality for not guilty by reason of insanity.

  2. Perhaps the real criminal here is the health system that allowed a person who is dangerous to the public when not medicated to remain in society without treatment.
    It is amazing that the doctors involved here have been able provide a diagnosis of mentally fit to stand trial.
    I think all of the victims here need to have this situation properly investigated. The liability for this matter does not rest entirely on someone who committed the act when they were not mentally fit to stand trial for their actions, does it?

  3. How about using our common sense and facing the facts here, like there’s no need to have weapons of those capabilities be made available to the average person; I can never get over it, when I hear Americans stating that it would infringe on their God’s giving rights to buy and own machine guns, automatic and semi automatic weapons because it is written in their constitution, wake up peoples, that Constitution was written when they had muskets ….

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