Arrests in Copenhagen -

Arrests in Copenhagen

Over 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets in a climate rally—close to 1,000 ended up in jail


On Saturday, over 100,000 demonstrators marched in Copenhagen protesting their dissatisfaction with the climate change talks. It was a mostly peaceful protest until youths clad in black began throwing bricks and smashing windows. Police ended up arresting 968 protesters, including close to 400 members of European militant group Black Blocs. Most were released by the next day. Indoors,  delegates spent the weekend working towards an agreement, after a draft blue-print that was put forward on Friday was widely criticized by many of the countries involved.

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Arrests in Copenhagen

  1. What fun! Bourgeois Leftists using the fake crisis of global warming/climate change to move money around. And they're forced to dispatch thousands of police to beat down the proletariat Leftists who have the audacity to march and speak out against them.

  2. The "black blocs" are a blight on any activist movement. Watch footage of any demonstration, and when the news focusses in on the people who are doing the damage, almost invariably it'll be one of those people.

    Personally, I think activitists should get wise and if they start seeing these guys, especially if they see them take any violent activity, take them down and hand them over themselves. It would not only enable the actual protest to continue, it would give activists some much needed sympathy from members of the general public.

  3. I hope these Reds-turned-green spend a few days in jail with the heat turned off. The forecast for Copenhagen later this week is for freezing temperatures 5 degrees C lower than normal.

    That would be a good lesson in the effects of global warming.