As support for the NDP grows, Liberals take aim at Mulcair: a 'mini-Harper' -

As support for the NDP grows, Liberals take aim at Mulcair: a ‘mini-Harper’


The Conservative government will hit the “reset the button” on the F-35 jets purchase and restart the process with a new team in charge of the file, according to an unnamed source quoted by the Globe and Mail. The move comes just a couple of days after an Auditor General report hit hard on the Harper government for its handling of the fighter jet purchase, saying the National Defence Department manipulated the process, low-balled the planes’ costs and hid information from Parliament.

After the scathing report was tabled, the Government spent Wednesday dodging fire from the opposition in Parliament, which is expected to continue Thursday. The leader of the opposition, Thomas Mulcair, stopped short of calling for the Defence Minister Peter MacKay to resign while Liberal leader Bob Rae called for an outright resignation from the Prime Minister himself. Rae took aim at Harper for being a known micro-manager saying the Prime Minister couldn’t pretend at this point “he was just the piano player in the brothel who didn’t have a clue as to what was really going on upstairs.” Clearly struggling for time in the limelight since Mulcair’s election to the NDP leadership, the leader of the Liberals also took a jab at Mulcair, calling the NDP leader a “mini-Harper.” Rae’s attacks come as a Canadian Press Harris Decima poll shows that since Mulcair’s election, NDP support sits at a statistical tie with the Conservatives—32 and 34 per cent respectively—while the Liberals trail in third place with 19 per cent.

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As support for the NDP grows, Liberals take aim at Mulcair: a ‘mini-Harper’

  1. With folks on the left taking pot-shots at one another constantly, it’s not surprising that the consolidated right is doing so (depressingly) well. I can’t stand the man or his politics, but one thing you have to admit about Harper is that he keeps his PR machine focused and on message. Bob Rae is starting to sound as bad as Elizabeth May with his yell-at-everything approach.

    • That’s exactly the point of the consolidated right’s operation: divide and conquer.

      Because keeping cool is nowhere near their strong suit (it was Jack Layton’s), Harper isn’t the least bit afraid of either Rae or Mulcair.

  2. bob rae making personal attacks blaming the others for making personal attacks – boring and facile – give it up bob!!

  3. Good for the NDP. They’ve got my vote.

    • If that is all it takes you to get your vote, I’ve got some candy.

      • No thanks. The Lib’s candy has a hollow center and the Con’s candy its just pure poison.

  4. The Liberals should just face the fact that they are a non player in Canadian politics. Basically, a Liberal is nothing more than a slow Socialist and most people recognise this.
    The NDP are the opposition and will campaign to the center in order to attract the Liberal vote. This leaves the Liberals with no place to go. They cannot move to the right as the voters will vote for the known commodity, the Conservatives.
    The polarization in today’s politics is such that either you favor more government interference or you favor the free market and the middle (Liberal) will never be more than an afterthought

  5. Can we please get rid of MacKay now?  For crying out loud.

    • Not as long as Stephen Harper has anything to say about it.

    • But he’s been having so much fun…. at least until this past week. I so badly wish he’d have followed Belinda. 

  6. So if “Harper is a scary monster” didn’t work, why do they think “Muclair is almost as scary as Harper” will? Have they learned nothing in the past five years? 

  7. Sorry bob, but I don’t think ths kind of rant will get you any votes.