As we predicted, the iPad 3 basically is the iPad 2 with a better screen


Apple’s Tim Cook revealed the new iPad today, which features a sharper display, connectivity to 4G broadband networks, and a microphone to take dictaction, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The new WiFi-only iPad doesn’t differ much from the previous model, and it will even start at the same price of U$499. The 4G-enabled one will start at U$629.

Slate is interpreting the new iPad as a bid to “gun for PC market”:

The new iPad announced today doesn’t break any revolutionary new ground, but it does upgrade basic features across the board and highlights Apple’s serious threat to use the iPad to conquer the personal computer market in a way the Mac never could. 

(…) The way they presented it, it’s not that there’s a “tablet” market dominated by the iPad. Instead, there’s a PC market in which the iPad is a major player but by no means a dominant one. The emphasis is on a pattern of low-end disruptive change where steady incremental improvements to the iPad’s capabilities turn it into a potential PC replacement for a larger and larger segment of the population.

Maybe. Or maybe, as our own Jesse Brown predicted yesterday, the iPad 3 is simply the iPad 2 with a better screen.


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