Asia a priority, Harper warns Obama

PM takes jab at Washington after Keystone decision


Echoing Finance Minister Jim Flaherty who had made similar remarks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Chinese President Hu Jintao on Sunday that stepping up Canada’s energy supply to Asia was an important priority. The message contained a thinly veiled jab at U.S. President Barack Obama, after Washington postponed a decision on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline to transport Alberta’s oil to Texas until after the 2012 elections.


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Asia a priority, Harper warns Obama

  1. Good for Harper.  However, Obama will be out next year and there will be larger pipeline to USA from Canada  Canada should sell 4 million barrels a day to USA and lessen USA dependent on oil from Middle East and Venezuela. 

    • This oil is being piped to the Gulf for refining, and then shipped to other countries.

      • Including us. Maybe we should do the refining, rather than exporting those jobs. Sell the finished product to whoever wants it (I’m sure we’ll find takers)

        • I don’t know that we would take such a roundabout route….but yes, Canadians want the jobs here at refineries.

          Selling oil isn’t difficult, it’s getting it to them.

  2. Canada is already the route for US coal, which, since because of environmental concerns, cannot be shipped from the US West Coast. Wyoming and Montana coal sold to China, Japan, etc. has to be routed through Vancouver. I just gave a tour for 9 reps from Shen Hua to the coal mines in Gillette WY. Shen Hua owns the largest coal mine in the world in China. They didn’t tell me the nature of their business here. (Inscrutable, you know)
    If this President and the environmentalists have their way we’ll soon be living in the 1880’s
    Nort(sic) Dakota is currently a bee-hive of activity developing the Bakken oil. The economy there is booming. Jobs,jobs, jobs, but no place to live.
    The Keystone pipeline will carry Bakken oil (if it is constructed) Neb. Governor Dave Heineman knows which side butters is political bread so he has opted to side with the enviromental cabal in recomending that Obama not approve the pipeline based on biased junk science propelled by massive infussions of cash from “green” proponents.

  3. Obama has said that the decision to delay the pipeline was made by the State Dep’t however “he fully endorses it.” By doing so, he has pitted the enviormentalists against the unions. The unions support the pipeline because of the massive amount of jobs it would create. So now Obama has PO’d his largest constituency and financial support. BRILLIANT !!!! It would serve us right if Canada was serious about building a pipeline west to BC tidewater and sell to Asia. Obama has lost the faith of over half the American public, most of Canada, his largest political supporters, and wonders why he continually hears the pitter patter of conservative feet coming up behind him? This man is a PINHEAD of the highest order.
    By the way Emily, we are a net importer of oil NOT an exporter. If you send me your address, I would be happy to send you a subscription to The Weekly Standard so you may enlighten yourself to the way the world actually functions.

    • The US is currently exporting oil, so spare me the Con propaganda.

    • “Net”, sure. But a percentage of what’s refined in the US is exported as finished goods. We Canadians are one of the countries that import US refined petroleum products. Oddly, we also refine oil for the US.

      (The Come By Chance oil refinery in NL sells primarily to the northeastern States; to protect Quebec jobs, the only province it is allowed to sell its products in is NL. The oil refined in NL comes from the middle east; oil extracted from the wells off NL gets shipped elsewhere for refining.)

      Who extracts the oil, who refines it, and who uses the end product are often not the same “who”.

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