Assange freed on bail -

Assange freed on bail

Appeals court upholds decision to release the WikiLeaks founder


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a (sort of) free man. An appeals court judge in London upheld a lower court’s decision to grant Assange bail despite the protests of Swedish prosecutors who want the hacker extradited to face questioning over allegations of rape made by two former WikiLeaks volunteers. Assange is expected to be released within a day or two under strict conditions. Not only must he put up a £200,000 cash deposit, with a further £40,000 guaranteed in two sureties of £20,000, Assange must also stay at a country house in Suffolk, report to police daily, and wear an electronic tag.

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Assange freed on bail

  1. This is a hot mess and even Stevie Wonder could see through it. Leave the man alone, he hasn't done anything that hasn't been done already. He had consensual sex with two beings with female organs who cried fowl after alleging Sange never wore a condom. Well, did they bother to find out what he was wearing before the sex act?…….lol…drinking and sexing is a bad concoction, any way you mix it. But Ohoooooo!, there's the other issue regarding the documents…hmmmmm. I have important documents too, but I keep them in a safe place. Why can't the government, with all the money and so called intelligence… secure its important documents? It appears this is nothing more than retaliation and it is no coincident that Asange is being charged with rape the same time the documents were made public. Why is the Big Brother so interested in this person? Ok…lets put on our thinking caps; we can figure this one out pretty quickly.
    "there is nothing common in commonsense"

  2. I was shocked by the venom directed toward Wikileaks, but then I realized why the right wingers are so livid about this. They had planned on blackmailing “campaign contributions” from the companies in the leaked documents (and now they can’t).

    If a politician, or university professor, had called for the assassination of Walter Cronkite – the individual would probably have been sent to an insane asylum.

  3. Can't you just make a new declaration of independence or something?