Assange to appear in a UK court Tuesday -

Assange to appear in a UK court Tuesday

Expected to meet police to discuss extradition warrant


Julian Assange, the elusive founder of WikiLeaks, is expected to appear in a UK court tomorrow, The Guardian reports. The news comes after his lawyers announced he would meet police to discuss an extradition warrant from Sweden that relates to alleged sexual assaults. U.S. attorney general Eric Holder has said he’s authorized “a number of things to be done” to combat WikiLeaks, which has been publishing sensitive documents. Meanwhile, Assange will likely face a long court battle to avoid extradition. The precise time of his interview with police isn’t known, but he’s expected to have to post bail of up to £200,000 and would require up to six people offering surety. Once he turns himself over to police, he’ll have to appear before a magistrates court within 24 hours to seek release on bail. A full hearing of the extradition case would have to be heard within 28 days.

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Assange to appear in a UK court Tuesday

  1. It will be interesting to see if the Authorities will detain him on any other matters of concern while they have him in their sights……..

    • Such as?

      • Deny him bail , at least until the Swede's can get their paws on him……

        • For an offence with a $700 fine?

          • Whatever it takes to get him detained I suppose…..

          • Exactly….and you are happy about that?

          • I wouldn't say I was ''happy''… but if thats what it takes ( legally of course ) to keep the the slippery little fellow from going into hiding until the Swedish Authorities can Question him then so be it …..

  2. If only the authorities would work so tirelessly to get back the $56 million the VP of Afghanistan waltzed into the UAE with. Not too much said about that. What a world…

    • seriously, the manhunt that followed the two complaints against him was far out of proportion

      • Especially since one Swedish prosecutor already determined the charges were not worth pursuing. Can there be any doubt the sexual assault charges are just an excuse? To anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault, did the authorities act with this much vigor in your case? I doubt it.

  3. He's got the powerful quaking in their boots, it seems.

    • Aren't you the charming little anarchist?

      • No, the actor who played the Charming Little Anarchist (from the hit motion picture Double Dragon) was played by Derek Peirce.

        I can see how you made the mistake though.

  4. Why do I have a feeling this entire Wikileaks show is going to turn out to be anti-climactic?

    It reminds me of Geraldo Rivera's much hyped, live TV special where he was going to open Al Capone's secret vault…which ultimately yielded a couple of empty wine bottles.

    All the great hype of American embassies being closed, ambassadors kicked out of countries, heads of state resigning…and so far we've pretty much learned that a few Americans don't like Little Mosque on the Prairie and that Canadians have an inferiority complex. Quelle surpise!

    Now we have Assange threatening to unleash secret documents proving the existence of UFO's and revelations that will spark the resignations of Obama and Clinton. I suppose we'll see…if the information actually sees the light of day in the face of Assange's imploding infra-structure. But somehow I doubt much will ultimately come of it.

    No doubt Assange himself has a massive ego to feed and chases publicity like a heat seeking missile. He also seems to be a conspiracy theorist's wet dream…so if and when his Wikileaks empire crumbles they will all use it as proof that they were correct all along.

    We'll see what happens…Assange has p'od a lot of people and countries. I suspect he'll ultimately end up as a conspiracy theory martyr serving time on the receiving end of his own unwanted and rather embarrassing probing inquiries.

    • you seem to be maligning has character well beyond the evidence

  5. Julian Assange is the folk devil at the centre of a new moral panic (like that of pogroms, witchhunts, ritual satanic abuse, backward masking, the war on drugs, etc., see wikipedia).

    He will be smothered in legal difficulties for years.

    Fortunately, that will not stop Wikileaks.

    • Nope thank goodness, there will be more downloads today as scheduled. Only 1100 have been released out of 250,000, and look at the upheaval they've caused!

      We are into the first Infowar.