Assembly of First Nations to choose next leader


On Wednesday the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) will choose its next leader. Current national chief Shawn Atleo, 45, is running for another three-year term against seven challengers. The Globe and Mail reports his rivals have accused him of an overly cozy relationship with the governing Tories.

According to the Star, Pam Palmater, a lawyer and professor at Ryerson University, appears to be Atleo’s principal rival. “Atleo has forgotten to listen to his chiefs, he is too close to the government and the chiefs have called him on it,” she said.

The AFN is holding its annual meeting at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. First ballot results will be available around noon on Wedneday. Atleo won after the eighth ballot in 2009.

The other candidates are Manitoban lawyer Joan Jack; Manitoban chief Terry Nelson; the Quebec Native Women’s Association’s Ellen Gabriel;  former grand chief of Treaty 3 Diane Kelly; and Alberta Regional Chief George Stanley.

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Assembly of First Nations to choose next leader

  1. Sure hope it isn’t big mouth Terry Nelson. He has been whining about FN getting nothing since the 2008 apology. Guess millions in holding meetings all over the country for four years and billions in individual payouts for attending residential schools doesn’t count!!

    • As if meetings and residential school settlements are ‘something’ rather than a just payment for an injustice. ‘Something’ is more than paying what’s owed. It’s reconciliation in the real sense of the word, and it’s opportunity.

  2. Circle the wagon trains Jethro the Injuns are coming!

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