At last the flying Canadian cars -

At last the flying Canadian cars


The Plethore LC-750, a Canadian Supercar

Okay, “flying” is a figure of speech here — but at 750 hp (a 1300 hp model is on the way), it’s close enough.

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At last the flying Canadian cars

  1. Ahh one of the oldy but goody Coyne obsessions makes an appearance….we all love flying cars being raised on their inevitability by the sci fi and cartoons of my youth.

    Speaking of predictions, did you know Laugh In predicted Reagans win in 1980 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989….inserted as jokes as their late 60's fake newscasts. Flying cars could happen.

    • Thanks for posting this – I never heard of the Ken Carter story before.

      • no problem CR (how are you doing? haven't talked to you or awhile on here). i grew up down the street from the ramp so it is kinda central to local folklore. the full documentary is well worth the watch… it is combination of some of the funniest/most ridiculous stuff you have ever seen, mixed with the feeling of staring out your window at a car wreck as you drive by….. it is also definitely of a certain vintage too.

        • Doing great, thanks – how are you? I love vintage documentaries like this, showcasing an entertaining (yet kinda goofy) bit of Canadian folklore from the 60's and 70's.

          • A tad busier than I would like maybe, but everything is really excellent thanks.

            Yeah for sure, this one is essentially late 70s, early 80s. I don't think the NFB has the full film up for this yet… but you might want to check their site.

      • for good reason….if you like the ron obvious, you really should watch this…

        this might just get a special nod, because, well it is (sur)real!

  2. "Base price for the Plethore will be around $400,000, with plans for 40 or 50 cars per year being hand-built in a plant north of Montreal."

    Oh yeah, lots of people will be opening their wallets for that. Not exactly the kind of R&D and innovation we need from our corporate sector.

    • At 400,000 lthey only need to sell about 10 of them to stay afloat. Strategy that Tesla roadster followed, albeit for a differnt purpose.

  3. "The Industry Minister expressed his confidence in this industry and this company by offering a direct grant of $300 million dollars over three years, and guaranteed loans of up to 4.3 billion…"

    • That's exactly what I was thinking. How much start up and operating costs are we paying for this venture.

      It is a lovely car, too bad you can't really drive it anywhere.

  4. holy dogs, rocket powered?

  5. Similar concept to Koenigsegg, which has been successful enough to now take over Saab. There is a market for high-end cars and the technical spin-offs of smakk high-tech cars like this are not to be sneezed at.

  6. I'm tempted to be patriotic but I can't, this car looks terrible. It's just a mash-up of already old design features like the rear end of the Koenigsegg, the side scoops and stance of the Audi R8 and the front end of the Ferrari 430. But that doesn't matter.

    It's redeeming features might be the interior design, seat arrangement, and engine power, but that doesn't matter as well.

    At a production run of 50 the Chinese and the Russians are going to hog the orders and that car won't have much of a chance to prove itself in the European market who are the penultimate consummate pros of super/hypercar. Expect lots of promises and very little results in the future.