At last the flying ... submarines -

At last the flying … submarines


Underwater plane bought by Sir Richard Branson


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At last the flying … submarines

  1. He's releasing something called Oceanic the week of the Lost premiere? I'll let someone else try this thing first. Karma.

    • Did I miss the "Oceanic" reference? I didn't see that in the article, and I'm sure I would have noticed as I'm totally psyched about tomorrow.

      On the plus side, the one sure way of getting to the island without falling out of the sky or shipwrecking in to it?


      • Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but I see 'Oceanic' written onn the image. Unless Coyne put it there. Maybe Coyne is Jacob,.

        • Oh, right, I totally missed that!

          Looks like just a mock up though. Of course, they may just leave it. It's one thing to have a submarine service called "Virgin Oceanic" (to go with Virgin Galactic of course) it's quite another if they had an airline called "Oceanic Airlines".

          Also, you might be on to something with your "Coyne is Jacob" theory, but is he the real Jacob? 'Cause while I'm pretty sure that was Jacob who got stabbed and thrown in the fire, I'm not at all convinced that all the poltergeist action in the Cabin was ever Jacob. If Coyne is Jacob though, it makes me wonder if Wells is looking for the loophole.


  2. I deeply fear they may require that passengers wear helmets, Andrew.

    • Looking at the thing, I'd think anybody who wanted to ride in it is already required to wear a helmet most of the time anyway.

    • And that the watertight hatches be closed before immersion, as if we weren't adult enough to make that decision ourselves.

    • Ah good. So we can remain conscious while drowning.

  3. So is God his copilot? And if so, who is the other copilot?

    • If God is a 23-year-old blonde. And I'm pretty sure She is.

      • Go on….

      • Actually, Kate Moss is 36. I'm sure she'd appreciate the 13 year credit though!

        I have heard people speculate that she might not be human, however, angel was the more common conclusion than God.

  4. It is too bad Gates isn't more like Branson. Gates has more money than Branson so the toys would be better as well.

    Come on Gates – vaccines, smaccines, we want jet-packs and flying cars.

    • You mean the Zune doesn't do it for you? :)

  5. Looks like Stingray, so sixties. Maybe Branson will dress up as Troy Tempest.