At least 118 dead in Baghdad -

At least 118 dead in Baghdad

Car bombs coordinated in attack against government buildings


Three explosions were detonated next to government buildings in a coordinated attack on central Baghdad today. At least 118 people were killed with another 261  wounded, and a smaller, possibly accidental blast near a school has killed seven children. The attacks, which targeted a courthouse and the labour and finance ministry buildings, are the worst since bombs killed at least 155 people on October 25, and come as the Iraqi government is poised to announce the date for next year’s parliamentary elections. Officials say the blasts are meant to discredit Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government, which the insurgency considers to be too pro-West.


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At least 118 dead in Baghdad

  1. The US-imposed Shah of Iran was a brutal dictator when it came to those who protested his rule, but he ushered in secular rule, the closest one could in those parts to the emancipation of women and huge benefits for ordinary citizens, from jobs to services to infrastructure.

    Saddam Hussein was all of those things too.

    What we have now is a nation destroyed. Millions and millions killed, injured and/or displaced. Civil war. Unemployment. I read somewhere that Iraq still can't provide 24 hour electricity, anywhere (except the Green Zone). Like to see a before and after in terms of jobs, health care and education? Not reported.

    The Iraq war was the beginning of the end of "America's century." Afghanistan hastens its fall.


  2. this is just horrible, poor people