At least they apologized: Toronto Maple Leafs take out a full page ad saying sorry for missing the playoffs again


The team that has become the laughing stock of the National Hockey League has one word for its fans: “sorry.” After missing yet another shot at the playoffs, the seventh in a row and the current longest drought in the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs published an open letter to fans, posted on its website and printed in Toronto’s newspapers, humbly apologizing for its poor performance on the ice. Signing the letter on behalf of players, coaches and managers, was Laurence Tanenbaum, chairman of the board of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which owns the Toronto NHL franchise. Although, control of the team is in the process of being partially sold to Rogers Communications Inc., owner of Maclean’s.

The Leafs had spent most of the season in a position to make the playoffs, but won just seven of their last 29 games (losing 15 out of 17 games since February), finishing in a bitter 13th place in the Eastern Conference. Firing coach Ron Wilson from his job and replacing him with Randy Carlyle last month didn’t help matters.

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At least they apologized: Toronto Maple Leafs take out a full page ad saying sorry for missing the playoffs again

  1. “Sorry” is a worthless word, coming from those corporate robber barons. A reduction in their scandalous ticket prices would be a meaningful apology.

  2. managment makes more when they make the playoffs, so they probably are sorry. they lose an extra 500 million dollars lmao there still three months of hockey left thats big bucks. 

  3. A day late and a dollar short. 

  4. I’m sorry, but this so-called apology doesn’t cut it with me. This seems like a desperate PR campaign to attempt to lessen the anger and frustration of the long-suffering Leaf fans. 
    What Lawrence Tanenbaum and MLS&E are most sorry about is they once again lose out on the opportunity to soak the loyal Leaf fans for the exorbitant price of several Playoff game tickets and the ripoff prices they charge for snacks, drinks and Leaf jerseys and other souveniers, etc.
    The only way to get this organization to produce a competitive team is a serious fan boycott of the inferior product  MLS&E has been peddling for the past seven seasons.

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